Leica Workshop Las Vegas

Leica Workshop, Vegas! Leica Q3, M11, CL

Following my recent Leica workshop in Las Vegas (and California) I share some of the photos and videos from the trip to America.

Leica M11 + Leica M11M

Leica M11 vs M11M Monochrom Workshop

Leica M11 or Leica M11M Monochrom camera? How do they compare? A student brought both cameras to my London Leica workshop so here they are side by side!

Lightroom presets

Lightroom Presets – GAME CHANGING!

It’s been YEARS since I’ve tried to develop a RAW file directly through Photoshop. What happened today showed me how much I rely on Lightroom Presets

Leica Q presets for Lightroom

1-Click Editing: Leica Q Presets for LR

After 2 months of owning my Leica Q camera I now have my final 4 most used Lightroom presets to share. If you want to speed up your photo editing process these Leica Q Lightroom presets are for you.