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Leica Club – Join the Club!

Are you a proud Leica camera owner looking to celebrate your purchase? Welcome to to the Leica Club! I thought we should mark this important milestone with a special Leica Club Welcome Pack. (You finally purchased a Leica camera, treating yourself, after years(?) of lusting after one!) *This is an unofficial free Leica club set up to help Leica users.

New Leica Users (+ Leica Owners)

As someone that provides Leica support, I noticed there seems to be a learning gap when people jump into the wonderful world of Leica cameras. I’ve put together a welcome pack to help new users get started. The pack answers common questions I receive and contains useful tips, tricks and information specific to the Leica camera system you use.

Leica Club Membership Cost?

There is no cost to receive a MrLeica Leica Club Welcome Pack. This is not a club as such but I can look to organise events and related products in the future if we get sufficient numbers. (Tell your Leica friends and spread the word!)

MrLeica Welcome Pack – What’s included?

Each welcome pack is specific to the Leica camera you use. Some packs are more detailed than others. The information will include some of the following:

  • Recommended settings for your camera
  • Things you may need
  • Lens information
  • Photo editing
  • Learning how to use the camera basics
  • Finding a Leica community
  • Checklist (for Leica film cameras)
  • Choice of film (for Leica film cameras)
  • Film developing/ scanning (for Leica film cameras)
  • CLA and recalibration (if needed)
  • Master your Leica camera
  • Future updates

Leica Camera Checklist

There are 5 individual packs, 1 for each type of Leica camera. (*Sorry nothing for medium format Leica S cameras at this time). Just select the correct Leica camera option in the dropdown menu below to ensure that you receive the pack that relates your Leica. (If you have multiple Leica cameras select your most used model and see the note in the pack about the additional Leica bodies).

  • Leica M cameras
  • Leica SL series cameras
  • Leica Q series cameras
  • Leica CL/TL cameras
  • Leica Film cameras

Enter your details below:

Please check your junk inbox if you don’t receive an email. Still not received your welcome pack? Contact Matt


25 thoughts on “Leica Club – Join the Club!”

  1. Gerry Phillipson

    Thanks for another great initiative- you’ve unending energy!
    1 I’d like to have been able to enter more than one Leica system.
    2 I’d like to have been able to enter more than one photography genre.

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Gerry! Yes still working hard, you know me! 3 days works coming to fruition. The genre section is only to help me so not important. Let me know what the second pack is that you want to see.

    2. matthewosbornephotography

      Gerry, check back on the page in 24hrs and i’ll add links at the bottom to the other pages.

      1. matthewosbornephotography

        Great! You can select any genre from the dropdown. It’s only an approximate survey and will not impact the Leica pack you will receive.

  2. Martin Pettinger

    Hi Matt, I just have the 7 Leicas, also an award winning landscape photographer. Chose street as my main interest but also do pet portraiture.

  3. Steve Macfarlane

    Hi Matt!! This sounds like a great project and thank you for sharing your expertise. Like Gerry above, I also shoot film Leicas as well as digital. So if It’s possible I would like to get the Film Leica M pack as well. I use film Leicas for landscape photography.

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Steve. OK yes I will fix that so you can access all from 1 log-in. Check back on the page in 24hrs and i’ll add links at the bottom to other pages.

  4. Michele Russell

    Great initiative! I also would like to see more than one option- I’m playing with an M11 and Q2

  5. I just filled in the form twice, one for my Q2 and for for my M11. Might also be worth including a question on what software used for editing (I use CaptureOne so no point me reading about Lightroom presets!)

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Ian, thanks. If you don’t get the second pack check back on this page in 24hrs and i’ll add links at the bottom to other pages. Sorry I have no experience in CaptureOne and I realise a lot of the info wont apply to everyon ebut hopefully people can browse and take small bits of info that might be valuable for them. If I ever start using CaptureOne I will add that info too.

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Jerome, Q2 reporter!! Woo very nice 🙂 I’ve changed the setup so you can now sign up with one of your cameras then access all the others once in. Chat soon!

  6. Victor Roger Rubin

    Hi Matt: My Leicas run from my original lllC through X cameras to the T and CL.. I really value your opinions and consider you an unimpeachable resource. Your work is great (but you know that!), and serves as an inspiration for someone who much in common with you, including citizenship.
    Bests: V.Roger Rubin

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Welcome Robin! I don’t have any support for the Digilux 2 but I’ve got you covered for all things film!

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Leo, great that you have the M9. Sorry I don’t have any experience with Canon so don’t offer anything for the R5.

  7. Hello Matt, Thanks for the guide and hope it helps me in photography journey. I am complete beginner who brought their first proper camera (m6 panda) 1 weeks ago and bought just bought a leica summilux 50mm f2 today. Can’t wait to get started! Are their any photography groups or club you would recommend around London area? I also catch the recent video hope you can a homeowner soon (pretty much impossible for someone of my age so decide to get myself an expensive hobby.).

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Dan, congrats on your Leica M6! I’m not a Londoner (yet)(hope to more closer soon)(probably to rent now), so I don’t know any clubs. I travel there 2-3 times a month to teach my 1:1 Leica workshops with models.

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