Do you need film? Look no further!

Are you excited to start shooting after recently acquiring a new film camera? Perhaps you have just dusted off your much loved vintage Leica or Hasselblad? Maybe you are just a regular film shooter like me and like to experiment?

For all the above scenerios you will need film. Here is a list of some of the best and most popular film stocks in production (2019). I have used these films personally so included links to example images/ review posts.

Some of the film I shot during a 12 month period..

120 Film for medium format cameras

Hasselblad 500cm loading film - 120 film and photo of hasselblad film back with Zeiss 100mm f3.5 lens
Colour film:
Black and white film:

Film for 35mm film cameras

leica m2 review - leica camera photo
Colour film:
Black and white film:

Sheet film for 4×5 cameras

Intrepid 4x5 Camera Review

Fuji instant film

Fuji Instax Mini 90 Camera and Photos

Film reviews & Example images

Negative to digital scan - 35mm slide film

If you want to see how the film looks before you buy click any of the links below. (I will add more reviews as I get chance).

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