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** NEW for 2022! Annual Memberships Enjoy a 10% Discount **

Patreon is now live!

Finally the MrLeica.Com Patreon page is launched! Check out all the new content at (YouTube trailer video below).

*Looking to make a one-off donation? You may prefer PayPal?

What is Patreon?

“Patreon is a way to get paid for creating the things via a monthly membership / subscription service”. That’s what it is to the creator/ artist. For the fan/ follower it is a way to incentivise the creator to produce more of the value add content you desire. More of it and better quality.

How will I use Patreon?

I will use Patreon to give more back to those who value my opinion via group Zoom calls + exclusive content including tutorials, inspirations, tips & tricks.

Tier Benefit Hierarchy

6 Tiers

I’ve designed a 6 tier donations systems so the more you put in the more you get out. (Price excludes VAT*) :

  • £1 – Access to some free Patreon-only content
  • £3 – Access to most free Patreon-only content + some small extras
  • £5 – Access to all free Patreon-only content + some extras / discounts
  • £10* – Access to all free Patreon-only content + extras / discounts / more
  • £20* – Access to all free Patreon-only content + extras / discounts & tuition
  • £50 – Access to all free Patreon-only content + extras / discounts & mentor

*Early bird special offer available at a reduced cost (limited places)

NEW! Annual Membership – Enjoy 10% Discount

I am now happy to offer a 10% discount when you pay upfront for 12 months.

Sign up Today for instant access to EVERY post I’ve ever shared (For the tier you join) + All future posts! (New posts each week!) (Currently 200+ posts including 100+ Patreon exclusive videos)

Is MrLeica Patreon for you?  Answer YES to these?

Qu. – Want to fast track your photography with 1-2-1 private tuition?
Qu. – Looking for a friendly remote photography club to chat gear, film, tips..?
Qu. – Wish you could socialise with other photographers remotely from home?
Qu. – Want to share your photos to a private Facebook group for feedback?
Qu. – Need advice for your next Leica camera/ lens/ vintage lens purchase?
Qu. – New to photography and look to learn/ get inspired?
Qu. – Are you a pro/retired pro keen to share your knowledge/work with others?
Qu. – Dream of photographing pretty girls but don’t know how?
Qu. – Want a researched source of fun photography G.A.S (and banter!)
Qu. – Looking to experiment with film photography and learn how?
Qu. – Need a source of photography inspiration to use your existing cameras?
Qu. – Have a general interest in vintage film cameras and lenses? 
Qu. – Enjoy anything Leica related, new or old? (But not limited to**)
Qu. – Want to learn more about the guy behind the MrLeica photos?
Qu. – Looking to support the MrLeica YouTube Channel / Blog?

Patreon-only Content

Patreon content currently includes (*subject to change) –

  • MORE videos – Patreon-only exclusives (*in addition to YouTube) Me on location with the cameras, behind the scenes and more fun/ uncut style footage.
  • Monthly Zoom Calls2x 1 HOUR group calls per month (depending on tier)
  • Private Facebook Group – Additional content/ info shared by fellow Patreons
  • Photo Editing Tips – Sharing before and after photos and my process
  • Money Saving Tips – Save money with your photography with my favourite cost saving hacks! (Savings will easily cover the cost of a 1 month subscription)
  • Portrait Lighting Tutorials / Tips & Tricks – How I light my portraits..+
  • Film Photography Tutorials / Tips & Tricks – How I develop/ scan/ +
  • Get to know the models – Unseen photos, video interviews, BTS footage.
  • More Patreon-only exclusives – Previews, notifications, links, shoutouts +
  • Discounts – on all presets, workshops & future products.
  • G.A.S – Photography Gear Acquisition Syndrome! – Sharing the gear i’m using.
  • Learn Together – as I learn something new I will share it with you guys.
  • Leica Support – New to Leica? Help and advice with your next camera/ lens.
  • Inspiration – Hopefully I can inspire you to dust off an old film camera or lens, to travel with your cameras, try model photography or master lighting.
  • What’s in my bag (monthly video)
  • Next YouTube video? – Immediate notification of new YouTube video releases

Currently –

YouTube: What is Patreon + How you can benefit!

Refer a friend! Sign them up today for a free MrLeica Preset!

Refer a friend to the MrLeica Patreon (£3 + VAT tier or higher). Once they sign up I will send you a free MrLeica FilmInspired preset, suitable for any camera! (Available in the MrLeica blog shop at £4.99). *Just ask them to mention your name once they join.

Free Lightroom Preset!

The Lightroom preset is designed for use with any camera (not just Leica cameras!) and to prove it here is the preset applied to a Canon 5D MkIII DSLR camera photo! Original RAW file (left) + same file with MrLeica “FilmInspired” LR preset applied (right).

(Taken during a remote shoot with the models camera*)

Similar photo full res and retouched for posting –

Canon 5D MkIII + MrLeica Preset :)

MrLeica Patreon is growing fast! Join us!

We hit our first 50 Patreons! (August 2020)

We exceeded 150 Patreons by Jan 2022!

YouTube and the Blog?

I will continue to produce free content for both the YouTube channel and the blog but to get all the extra new content you will need to join Patreon.

All for less than the price of one cup of coffee/ month!

The £3 tier is less than the price of 1 cup of coffee a month and the £1 tier is probably the price of 1 bottle of water a month. Hopefully this will make it accessible to the majority of readers who are interested.


Thanks and I hope to see you on Patreon soon! 🙂



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