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Leica M9 Presets

Leica M9: Still King of Colour? + Leica M9 Presets for Lightroom

Pros and cons of the Leica M9 camera in 2022/2023 (still worth it?), Leica M9 vs Leica M9-P differences and my new Leica M9 presets for Lightroom.

Leica Club

Leica Club – Join the Club!

Leica Club – Join the Club! Are you a proud Leica camera owner looking to celebrate your purchase? Welcome to to the Leica Club! I thought we should mark this important milestone with a special Leica Club Welcome Pack. (You finally purchased a Leica camera, treating yourself, after years(?) of lusting after one!) *This is …

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Leica M240 worth it

Leica M240 – Should you buy a 10 year old digital camera?

September 2022 is the 10 year anniversary of the digital Leica M240 camera. Released in September 2012, should you buy a 10 year old digital camera in 2022? Comparisons to the Leica CL, Leica SL and Leica Q plus some of my favourite Leica M240 model portraits!

Leica Q presets for Lightroom

1-Click Editing: Leica Q Presets for LR

After 2 months of owning my Leica Q camera I now have my final 4 most used Lightroom presets to share. If you want to speed up your photo editing process these Leica Q Lightroom presets are for you.