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Leica M11 + Leica M11M

Leica M11 vs M11M Monochrom Workshop

Leica M11 or Leica M11M Monochrom camera? How do they compare? A student brought both cameras to my London Leica workshop so here they are side by side!

Leica Street Photography Tips

Leica Street Photography Code: 55 Tips to Protect You & Your Camera

This article gives you a recommended Leica street photography code of practice. If you saw my recent YouTube video I gave my top 10 tips to not putting your Leica camera at unnecessary risk to theft. The feedback from the video was overwhelming so below I share my 10 tips and then 45 valuable suggestions from fellow Leica users/ experienced street photographers. (It’s worth noting that many of these ideas can be applied to any camera and offer a best practice approach to looking after your possessions).

Problems with Leica Cameras

Problems with Leica Cameras

Problems with Leica Cameras Following my YouTube channel poll here are the most common problems with Leica cameras. These are the top 12 problems reported by Leica photographers + 3 additional issues that frustrate me. Note. Leica M camera problems  From reading the YouTube viewer comments it looks like many Leica camera problems on this list …

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