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Leica SL Lightroom Presets

Leica SL Lightroom Presets Download

Finally I bring you my 4 favourite MrLeica Adobe Lightroom presets for the Leica SL camera. I say 4 and as like my Panasonic Lumix S5 LR preset pack, I could not chose 3 so the download bundle is 3+1 free (4)!

NEW! 4 Lightroom presets for the Leica SL camera

As I shoot more colour photos than I did in the past, I included 2 colour Lightroom presets in additional to the 2 black and white LR presets.

  1. MrLeica Leica SL Col-Old
  2. MrLeica Leica SL Col-Pop
  3. MrLeica Leica SL B&W1
  4. MrLeica Leica SL B&W2
Voigtlander 50mm APO (B&W edit)
Leica SL + LeicaSL-B&W1 preset (Finished in Photoshop)

How I edit photos with Lightroom presets

As someone with never enough time in the day, I need my photo editing process to be as streamlined as efficient as possible. After 10+ years of model photography my approach is now as follows.

  1. Be happy with the viewfinder image before pressing the shutter
  2. Check white balance if shooting with B&W preview
  3. Shoot in camera RAW
  4. Upload all RAW files to Adobe Lightroom on the computer
  5. Apply a MrLeica LR preset to the first image
  6. Paste preset across all images in Lightroom (“Sync”)
  7. Quickly review the images and fix exposure / as needed
  8. Export all images small size
  9. Send all images to the model
  10. Export a few favourites, full size to edit for Flickr / Instagram
  11. Open these in Photoshop, add a border/ fix skin if needed/ etc
Leica Vario-Elmar-R 35-70mm f4 Review
Leica SL + LeicaSL-B&W1 preset (Finished in Photoshop)

Two colour presets for the Leica SL camera

1) MrLeica Leica SL Col-Old LR preset

This Lightroom preset was developed to give a lower saturation look. It can suit portraits and I especially like it for travel photography. The preset gives a reduced contrast flatter finish and I found it worked great with my winter images from Poland. (*Most portraits in Poland were shot in B&W with artificial light as there was very little daylight).

Swipe to see the original RAW file vs. with Col-Old preset applied
Example photos – Leica SL RAW files + Col-Old LR preset

2) MrLeica Leica SL Col-Pop Lightroom preset

Normally if I shoot colour I tend to go for something with a bit more pop. I tend to prefer colour images with more saturation and vibrancy so this Leica SL Lightroom preset works well for that look. I found that I used this LR preset a lot when we had blue skies and sunshine in Tenerife but it can brighten up a grey winter day too.

Swipe to see the original RAW file vs. with Col-Pop preset applied
Example photos – Leica SL RAW files + Col-Pop LR preset

Example photos are shot with modern Leica M mount lenses including the Voigtlander APO-Skopar 90mm f2.8, Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 50mm f2 and the compact Voigtlander Ultron 35mm f2. I also used a modern Sigma DG DN L mount lens and vintage Leica R lenses. (To give you an idea of the lens sharpness and rendering).


Two B&W Lightroom presets for the Leica SL

Often my Leica preset packs have one high contrast black and white preset and one lower contrast B&W. For the Leica SL camera it was less clear cut so I just named the the B&W presets “One” and “Two”. They were developed independently and do give different looks.

1) MrLeica Leica SL B&W1 Lightroom preset

The first Leica SL black and white preset was developed to process all my Tenerife trip images.

Swipe to see the original RAW file vs. with B&W1 preset applied
Example photos – Leica SL RAW files + B&W1 Leica LR preset

These example photos were shot with both modern Leica M mount lenses and older Leica R lenses on the Leica SL.


2) MrLeica Leica SL B&W2 Lightroom preset

My second Leica B&W preset for the Leica SL came after my trip to Poland. I was able to develop this LR preset and pretty much paste it across the 3000+ images from the trip. (I later went back through them and flipped some to colour but that’s normally how I use my presets).

Swipe to see the original RAW file vs. with B&W2 preset applied
Example photos – Leica SL RAW files + B&W2 Adobe LR preset

Sample photos captured with the new Voigtlander Heliar 50mm f1.5 and Voigtlander APO-Skopar 90mm f2.8 lenses. See those posts for lots more B&W images edited using only this preset.


Lightroom presets for Leica SL camera download

OFFER! (3x Leica SL presets) +1 FREE!
£9.99 - Download Now!

Special bundle offer giving 3 Leica SL presets for the price of only 2 + 1 FREE!

Leica SL Lightroom preset bundle includes:

  • MrLeica Leica SL Col-Old
  • MrLeica Leica SL Col-Pop
  • MrLeica Leica SL B&W1
  • MrLeica Leica SL B&W2 (FREE!)

Need more Lightroom presets for your Leica SL?

Even though I develop my Lightroom presets to suit a specific camera file they can be used with any camera. When I first bought my Leica SL camera I didn’t have time to make presets before multiple model shoots so I found myself using the MrLeica Pansonic Lumix S5 presets on the Leica files. They worked great so if you are looking for a wider selection of presets to use see that post.

Leica R Lens Portrait
Leica SL + LeicaSL-B&W1 preset (Finished in Photoshop)

Are you a Leica CL user?

If you use the APS-C mirrorless Leica CL I can confirm that these presets work fine on that camera too. For the Voigtlander 90mm f2.8 APO-Skopar video and the Voigtlander Heliar 50mm f1.5 video I used the Leica SL and CL cameras. To obtain a consistent look across the images I applied the Leica SL Lightroom preset to all files from both cameras.

All MrLeica Custom Presets – Download Here

My Leica Lightroom presets currently include:

Add your own signature look

If you like my Lightroom presets but you have your own signature look I recommend that you save the preset as a new file called MrLeicaXXX-v2 or “improved” etc. You can apply my Leica SL preset as a base edit then increase/ reduce sharpness, contrast, saturation, vignetting to taste. Going forward you can then use your version 2 preset and hopefully that will speed up your editing.

50mm Voigtlander Heliar f1.5
Leica SL + LeicaSL-B&W2 preset (Finished in Photoshop)

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Gdansk Christmas Postcard
Leica SL + LeicaSL-B&W2 preset (Finished in Photoshop)

Leica Q Lightroom Preset B&W – 28mm Portraits

Leica Q Lightroom Preset B&W – 28mm Portraits

This is a short article to share my Leica Q portraits from the recent YouTube camera review I did (also embedded). All portrait images were edited with my MrLeica B&W Leica Q Lightroom preset. Examples photos showing the before and after LR preset included below.

Leica Q Lightroom Preset B&W
Leica Q + Leica Q LR Preset B&W + Photoshop to finish

28mm Portraits – Leica Q

When you think of the ideal focal length for portraits the first lens that comes to mind is probably not 28mm. Personally I tend to prefer 50mm for my model portraiture but equally I was interested to see what I could achieve with the Leica Q. Here are a series of photos of the lovely Astrid (Bame agency) during a model test shoot in London. All photos are shot with the Leica Q fixed lens, the Leica Summilux 28mm f1.7 ASPH lens at f1.7.

(Join us on Patreon to see behind the scenes (“BTS”) footage from this model photoshoot and every model session since. You get to see what the models really look like and often get a glimpse of my lighting setup, cameras used, back of camera photo reel preview etc).


MrLeica Leica Q Preset for Lightroom

All the photos shared above are Leica Q RAW files converted to JPEG, reduced size in Lightroom, with my B&W Leica Q Lightroom preset applied. The Leica Q black and white preset is designed to give me images which have that classic Leica look and are influenced by my B&W film photography scans from the Leica M3 and so on. Modern digital sensors cannot replicate film so this is not trying to emulate film but hopefully it gives the images more of the “organic look” that I love.

Leica Q Portrait (From YouTube Video)
Leica Q + Preset + PP to finish

Leica Q Images – Before and After Preset

To help demonstrate the effect of this Leica Q preset here are a series of screenshots from Lightroom showing before and after. On the left is the unedited RAW file, on the right is the final images (*Pre any retouching in Photoshop).

More Leica Q preset example photos to show some variety..

Leica Q LR Preset – Now available to download!

The Leica Q LR preset (B&W) is now available to download from the MrLeica Shop for the usual price of £4.99. If I buy a Leica Q camera in the future I will look to make multiple presets available as I do for the Leica CL, Leica M8 and Leica M240.

YouTube: Leica Q

If you’ve not already seen the video, here is the related YouTube episode for more on the Leica Q camera –

YouTube: Leica Q2

I also tested the Leica Q2 camera. See how it compares to the Leica Q here –


Cheap 28mm Lenses for Leica M Cameras

Video looking at the new 7Artisans 28mm f5.6 vs TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 lens

Additional MrLeica Custom Leica Lightroom Presets:

Thanks to Leica UK

A special thanks to Leica UK and the amazing guys at the Leica Mayfair store on Duke Street, London. They kindly loaned me the Leica Q camera to test. I was interested to see if the Leica Q could offer me something that the Leica CL and Leica M240 can’t.

Leica Q2 Review (+ Leica Q vs Q2) + YouTube

Leica Q2 Review (+ Leica Q vs Q2)

To compliment my Leica Q and Leica Q2 reviews on YouTube here is a short written article including example photos from both cameras. Links to the YouTube videos also included.

Comparing the Leica Q2 vs Leica Q

Since the release of the new Leica Q2 camera in 2019 I was interested to see how the images compared to the original Leica Q. Having worked with Leica UK Mayfair store before I was able to arrange a Leica camera test in London. Thank you Leica! Next I organised some agency models and then we were all set. (See below for the resulting photos).

Camera Specs – Leica Q2 vs Leica Q

If you are looking for a detailed Leica Q2 vs Leica Q camera specs guide there are a few well known websites already geared up for that. Below are a few of the key improvements/ facts about the Q2 verses the original Q. The notable changes are the Leica Q2 now comes with an impressive 47MP CMOS sensor and has a much improved battery capacity. The Q2 camera retains the same impressive Leica Summilux 28mm f1.7 ASPH lens and at first glance looks very similar in it’s design.


Portrait photography with the Leica Q2

As a UK portrait photographer when it comes to testing cameras I test them as if this was my main digital camera. By that I mean shoot portraits! The fixed 28mm Summilux lens of the Leica Q2 is probably not deemed an ideal focal length for photographing people. I say this as wide lenses such as 28mm can easily add distortion to an image. If you then photograph people up close with a wide lens as I do this can magnify that effect.

Camera test: Leica Q2 portrait images vs Leica Q

As I had the opportunity to test both the Leica Q2 camera and the older Leica Q I thought it might be nice to do a comparison. The plan was to take two sets of similar looking images with the same model to make it comparable. Here are the resulting images. All photos taken in the street outside the Leica Mayfair store.


Leica Q2 Portraits (Lightroom Edits)


Leica Q Portraits (Lightroom edits)(As Comparison)

Can you tell the difference!? Leica Q vs Q2?

So from these two set of similar images taken during my photo shoot with model Astrid (Bame agency), can you see a notable improvement with the Leica Q2 photos vs the Q?

Lightoom edits (Leica Q Lightroom preset)

All photos were shot in camera RAW mode, imported into Lightroom and my MrLeica Leica Q B&W preset applied. (I adjusted exposure if needed on a few of the photos but otherwise they are as shot). (*Reduced size for web viewing).

Edits for Flickr (Full resolution)

When I post images to Flickr I normally select a few favourites from those in Lightroom. I then export the full size JPEGs into Photoshop to finish processing. For full resolution example photos see the Leica Q2 portraits embedded below.

Leica Q2 Portrait (28mm Portraits)
Leica Q2 Portrait! (BTS on Patreon)
Leica Q2 Portrait
Leica Q2 Portrait - As seen on YouTube!
Leica Q2 Portrait

2022 Update! I bought the Leica Q camera

YouTube: Leica Q2 (and Leica Q2 vs Leica Q)

Cheap 28mm Lenses for Leica M Cameras

Can’t afford the Leica Q cameras but you like the 28mm focal length? See the Chinese 7Artisans 28mm f5.6 vs TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 lens comparison.


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Here I share my Leica SL portraits using a Voigtlander M mount lens (not the autofocus Leica SL lenses). The article also includes my YouTube Leica SL review view (comparing the SL to the Leica M240 and Leica CL) + my first impressions!

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So in this short post I share photos taken with the digital Leica SL camera. (As seen on YouTube! – linked below). My interest was to test the SL with a manual focus M mount lens, in this instance made by Voigtlander, but I use Leica M lenses too. The autofocus Leica SL lenses designed for this camera system are said to be fantastic but I wanted a smaller setup and using M lenses.

Leica SL Portraits

The Leica SL camera “Test”

So I shot the Leica SL against my digital Leica M240 and crop sensor Leica CL to see how it performed. You can see images from all 3 cameras on YouTube but here I concentrate on those taken with the SL only. For this shootout all 3 cameras were set to ISO 200, daylight white balance and shot in RAW mode. All photos with all cameras were taken with the manual focus Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 ASPH ii lens M lens (Review to that lens also linked below). **You will need a Leica M-L adapter to mount M mount lenses onto the Leica SL camera. The Leica CL also has the same L mount so I used my existing Leica M adapter L.

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