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Effective Base Length - EBL

Most Accurate Rangefinder Camera? (Effective Base Length, EBL)

Best Rangefinder Camera? Calculate: EFFECTIVE BASE LENGTH (EBL) = Base Length (distance between the 2 windows on your camera) x Magnification

Best Voigtlander Bessa Camera Comparison

Voigtlander Bessa Series Comparison (x12 Versions)

Can’t afford a Leica M film camera? Trying to decide what is the best Voigtlander Bessa camera? This article compares all 12 Bessa film cameras and gives details on each model. Pick the best Bessa for your needs. YouTube video reviews included!

Kiev 2a vs Kiev 4a vs Kiev 4

Cheap Leica Alternative: Soviet Kiev 4a Camera

Not everyone can afford to buy expensive Leica cameras. If only their was a cheap Leica alternative? Wait a minute, there is! The Soviet Kiev 4a camera (and similar Kiev 35mm cameras).