Mamiya 6 Flickr - Polish Model Photoshoot - 6x6 b&w film

Mamiya 6 Flickr Photos: Polish Models

Poland Photoshoots with the Mamiya 6 – June 2016

Hello,  I finally get chance to share some of the Mamiya 6 Flickr photos from my last model photography trip to Poland.  If you read my blog post review in April you may remember that I decided to take the newly purchased Mamiya 6 medium format film camera rather than the Hasselblad.  As such you may see a difference in photo style compared to last year when I took my Hasselblad 501C.  The other main difference to note is for this year I was shooting the Mamiya 6  mostly with strobes whereas I used the Hasselblad with ambient light only.

Mamiya 6 Fashion

In no particular order here are a selection of model photography / fashion / portrait / beauty photos from Poland all shot with the Mamiya 6.  As I get chance to process more I will try to add them to the gallary below.

You can click any photo to see details of film and developing methods used.


Mamiya 6 Flickr – B&W Film


Mamiya 6 Fashion
Mamiya 6 + Fuji Acros
Summer Vibe
Mamiya 6
Mamiya 6, Poland
Analogue Fashion
Analog Fashion
Polish Model - Mamiya 6
Film Fashion
Editorial Shoot - Mamiya 6
Film Fashion - Editorial Shoot
Light and Shadow Fashion


Mamiya 6 Portrait
Mamiya 6 Fashion
Mamiya 6 + 75mm f3.5
Mamiya 6 Model Photography


Mamiya 6 Boudoir Photography
Mamiya 6 + 75mm


Mamiya 6 in Poland


Fomapan 100@800
Mamiya 6 + Fomapan 100@800
Fomapan 100@800
Fomapan 100@800


Mamiya 6 B&W
Mamiya 6
Mamiya 6 Rangefinder

Mamiya 6 Flickr – Colour Film  (sorry not many processed yet!)


Mamiya 6 + Kodak Portra 160
Kodak Portra 160 Fashion
Mamiya 6 Portrait

Mamiya 6 Conclusion

I am happy with some of the photos shared above but I think the Hasselblad 501C takes far sharper images with more clarity and ‘pop’.  I took the Mamiya 6 to Ukraine (photos still being processed) but I think for the next trip I will try to pack the Hasselblad instead.

Lastly, as mentioned in the last post a big thanks to all the models and to the agencies (Malva Models and Future Models Management) for the collaboration.

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9 thoughts on “Mamiya 6 Flickr – Poland”

  1. Robert H. Bruce

    Your way of capturing their beauty is outstanding! However, I wrongly expected Polish scenarios! I love the beach scenarios,mother full body environmental portraits!

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  3. Great pictures; I have to strongly disagree with your comment that the mamiya 6 takes pictures that look flat and digital with no 3D pop. To my eyes, don’t see any difference between those and the ones taken with the Hassy. If you had compare them with pictures that are taken with a pentax 67, especially the 105 lens, well that would be another story…

    1. Thanks Fritz, Hassy film photos definitely have a certain look to them, maybe I describe it not quite right but at the moment I prefer the rendering of the Zeiss glass, whether sharpness, quality of bokeh or 3D look, they just have more ‘zing’ or certain magic in my eyes. I need to dig out the Mamiya 6 again soon so maybe I can learn to love it just as much. I hope so!

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