Hasselblad Film Camera – Hamburg Models

Hasselblad 501C

In June 2016 I visited Hamburg to work with local model agencies.   I took my digital Leica M240 camera but also my beloved 6×6 medium format Hasselblad film camera (501C)(together with a bag of 120 black and white film!) The standards of models was in general very high and as such I shot a lot of film.  It took me quite a while to develop, scan and process it all and there are still plenty I have not worked on.  Here are some of my favourite images so far.

Hasselblad Film Camera Images

Chantal @ Core Management


Ilford Delta 100 Portrait

Hasselblad Portrait

Core Management Models

Commercial Model

Hasselblad Fashion Portrait

Tomas @ Core Management

Hasselblad Film Fashion

Analog Fashion

Hasselblad - Men's Fashion

Hasselblad Analogue Fashion

Carmen @ Core Management

Hasselblad, Hamburg

Hasselblad 501C B&W

Hasselblad Fashion

Hasselblad Fashion

Hamburg Model

120 Fuji Acros Portrait

Hasselblad 501C

Hasselblad 501C

Phila @ M4 Models

Hasselblad 501C Portrait

Hasselblad 501C + Distagon 60mm

Hamburg Agency Model

Film is Still King :)

Chris @ Core Management

Hasselblad + Ilford Pan F 50

Hasselblad + Fomapan 100

Male Model

Male Fashion Model

Hasselblad Fashion Shoot

Male Model, Hamburg

Hasselblad Fashion

120 Ilford Pan F 50 Portrait

Hasselblad Portrait

Aaron @ Core Management

Analogue Fashion Shoot

Fomapan 100@400

Hasselblad 501C Model Photography

Cailtin @ Core Management

Hasselblad V-Series

Hasselblad Distagon 60mm Portrait

Hasselblad Portraits

Janna @ Core Management

120 Fuji Acros 100

Film Fashion

Sofia @ Core Management

Hasselblad Model Photography


As I may have commented before, the Hasselblad 501C is one of my only cameras where the quality of the images makes me want to print the photos.  I periodically print my work in photobooks and for my last two books the majority of the photos were taken with the Hasselblad. (Poland models June 2015 and NYC models December 2015 trips). My Hamburg model photos taken with the Hasselblad 501C will certainly feature in my next photobook.  Great camera! 

*(I will add more photos to this post as I process the film so you might want to check back in a month or so if interested).


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  8. Matt, отличные снимки! Вообще, вы невероятно работаете со светом и тенью, не говоря о композиции. У вас есть чему поучиться. У меня есть вопрос. Мне, как владельцу Pentacon Six, тяжело сравнить Biometar 80/2.8 с объективом на Hasselblad (думаю, что это Plannar 80/2.8). Вы снимали как на P6, так и на Hasselblad, можете дать сравнение двум объективам?

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hello, thanks for nice words. I have not used the P6 for a long time. The Hasselblad is a more refined camera but I think both 80/2.8 lenses are good. My P6 80mm is stuck at f2.8 (only) and I don’t use 80mm on Hasselblad that much. I will try to shoot a roll of film in the P6 and share some comments when I get time.

      If you have a P6 search my blog for the ARAX-CM. I use it extensively. It is Kiev 88 with P6 mount. The best lens is the Mir 65mm. Try to see if you like that. Cheap lens on eBay. (I use 60mm on Hasselblad also).


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