Leica M10M Presets


MrLeica Leica M10M BUNDLE SPECIAL OFFER! (4+1)

Special bundle offer giving 4 Leica M10M presets + 1 FREE!

Leica M10M Lightroom presets:  **Please note the M10 Monochrom presets are the same as the Leica Q2M presets.  I use the same monochrom presets for both these Leica Monochrom cameras.

Preset bundle includes and will state Q2M not M10M:

  • MrLeica Leica Q2M LC1 Preset (Low Contrast 1)
  • MrLeica Leica Q2M LC2 Preset (Low Contrast 2)
  • MrLeica Leica Q2M MC Preset (Medium Contrast)
  • MrLeica Leica Q2M HC1 Preset (High Contrast 1)
  • MrLeica Leica Q2M HC2 Preset (High Contrast 2) – FREE

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*You can also use these monochrome presets with the Leica M10M camera

*Please note – When you make a purchase you will receive an invoice detailing a link.  Click the link to download your presets.