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New page for July 2022! Here is some feedback from photographers that bought MrLeica presets. If you’ve bought presets and want to have your thoughts shared below please Contact me for more info!

Customer Feedback

“Just recently picked up a used Leica Typ 109 and decided to snap some pics. I’m pretty new to photography and have a decent eye for things but the editing and fine tuning is where Mr.Leica SL presets came into play. They transformed my images completely and really cleaned them up! I hadn’t noticed that I was doing this all on my phone so had issues downloading (this is my fault) but got it figured out and imported to Lightroom. If you’re looking to fine tune your image’s and get magazine worthy results I’d highly recommend trying Mr. Leica’s preset’s!!! You won’t be disappointed.”

“I use Nikon z7 and Nikon z6ii cameras. I’ll be honest…..I’ve bought presets before from others and found them to be not that helpful. With that said, your Lumix S preset pack B&W2 preset is a game-changer for me!  I’ve struggled to get clean B&Ws with contrast and sharpness in a reliable manner and yet this preset has just worked for a variety of different images for me.  Super quick to do some little adjustments as needed but I’m 90% of the way there with this preset and it will save me lots of time. Thanks!”

“I started my street photography journey with my Ricoh GR IIIx. I’m pretty new to photography and I realized it’s not just how you take the photos that matters, but also how to edit them. I have no experience whatsoever with photo editing. And this is where Mr.Leica M8 and M10 presets came into play. They make my photos look better and I am really satisfied with what I wanted my photos to look like. I have some issues though with the M8 preset I can only access it from my iPad not from my phone. I haven’t figured out what the problem is. But nonetheless, I’m very satisfied with the presets and would recommend it for you to try it yourself!”

“Having bought a Leica X1 and being very happy with the JPEG images it produced, I wanted to have some consistency with my RAW images from this little camera and the FUJI X 100V that I own so I thought about Matt’s presets. I bought the Leica M8, M10 and SL presets and have found them all to be invaluable to suit different lighting and moods. Certainly, since using the presets people viewing my work have commented how they look better and for me personally has taken a lot of the hard work out of editing and sped up my workflow. I would thoroughly recommend considering purchasing the presets and using the images on the website to make your selection as they are very accurate to what you’ll be able to achieve in editing”. 

“I recently picked up Matt’s Leica Q B&W preset for my Leica Q. It’s exactly what I needed as I struggled to create the B&W look that I wanted. My images now have that pop and tonality that I sought, while releasing the full capability of this camera. This preset gave me a good starting point, and all I have to do is slightly tweak to get the desired look. It has saved me so much time in final editing. Can’t wait for the other Leica Q presets to come out! These are a total bargain for what he charges.”

“I purchased 4 presets (M8, M240, SL2, Q) for 4 different Leica cameras. I have been interested in Matt’s work since 2019, and have enjoyed his art of editing his pictures, especially his portraits. I was first particularly interested in the Leica M8 presets because I appreciate the rendering of the CCD sensor for black and white photography. The rendering of the high contrast black and white photography is just perfect for my taste. I also have a Leica M240, Q and SL2. I decided to purchase all the presets for these 4 cameras. It helps me in my workflow. I can work so much faster. I just have to adjust the exposure and the white balance and that’s it. I really like the typically Leica rendering of these presets. Editing takes a lot of time and I prefer to spend it on taking pictures. Matt’s presets are a no brainer for me. I am looking forward to getting more of them once they are available. I totally recommend them. You won’t regret it. Thanks a lot Matt.”

“I have been using Lightroom to edit my photos. I created my own presets that I like, however, usually my preset worked on certain set of photos but then I needed to heavily adjusted it for others. Cannot get it just right. With Matt’s presets, it’s usually got my photos to almost if not just right what I wanted to (or better). I only need to do some minor adjustment if I really care for that photos. I have used Matt’s Leica M10 presets for my Leica M10, and later his Lumix S presets for my Lumix S5. It’s saved me a lot of times with amazing result. Won’t hesitate to get your other presets if I get different camera.”

“I shoot a Nikon Z6, before the purchase of the preset, I had inconsistency in the colours of  my pics.  I bought the Leica SL preset pack, it helps me to get a better consistent image in a series of pictures.  The tones for a Nikon Z are not right so I had to dial in the right settings to apply it to my pics. Of course I would still recommend these presets”

“I purchased Lumix S preset pack for my Nikon Z system camera. Especially the colour preset from the bundle is great starting point for my edits. It’s mostly on point with my expectations, I sometimes just tweak it a little and that’s it. It really speeds up my editing workflow!”

“I got myself the Leica CL presets for my Leica CL a year ago. Editing has never been a strong suite of mine, so when I got to know about Matt, saw his photography I knew I had to get the preset. My favourite is the black and white with high contrast and I seem to always use it when doing portrait. It always gives an amazing result and it is quick! So I hardly ever spend more than 3 mins on an image. I am very grateful!”

“I bought the MrLeica Lumix G preset series and I especially love the two black and white options. Although I usually make my black and white images with high contrast and visible grain, using your presets still gives me a new look compared to the way I usually edit my images. They are a great starter point to further tweak and edit my photos and helped me get out of doing the same type of editing with each image. I’m using the presets for my Micro 4/3 cameras that I own for video but also doing smaller photography projects or bringing along as second or third camera to professional shoots. I currently own a Lumix G9, GX80 and a very old GF6, but looking to get a GX8 for traveling, paired with either my Panasonic Leica 15mm f/1.7, Lumix 20mm f/1.7 or Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4. Definitely will recommend people to check out your channel and look at your presets if they want to get more into the “Leica look” for the images.”

“I bought the Leica M240 preset and used it for my M240. It has been great overall. Easy to use and stunning results came out of it. I especially like the Black and White one which puts great contrasting on the applied photos.”

“I bought the Leica CL presets for my Leica D-Lux7. Before I had mostly time issues .. eventually I’d get there but too often my process was inefficient and laborious. Now I go to my Mr Leica presets as a starting point and tweak a bit from there. This also lays down a unifying look that ties my work together. I’m always trying to learn and get a bit better. Using Mr Leica’s Presets let me look over Matt’s shoulder for post processing hints. After watching his videos I trust his work and his intentions.”

The presets I bought (Leica M240 pack, Leica M8 pack, Leica SL2 B&W) are for my Leica M8.2 and Leica SL2. The colors straight from M8.2 are gorgeous but you can refine them by using the preset made by Matt; for my Leica SL2 I bought the BW preset in order to have the exact tones and contrast in no time. So, if you want a straight forward process to help you refining the look of your photos, the presets done by Matt are the way to go.

“I got the Leica Q preset for my Leica Q2 camera. I use preset as a starting point and it gives me faster editing, in many case require little or no adjustments. Preset is a good starting point and help saving time at the computer.”

“First I bought the Leica SL preset pack for the Leica SL 601. Of the whole bundle I prefer B&W 1 especially for portraits. Later I bought the whole Lumix G bundle for my Lumix LX. I prefer COL2 which is great, jpg setting to landscape is similar. What I noticed on the Lumix, if you shoot JPG and afterwards applied a preset, the results (when the exposure is right) are in my opinion better than shoot on raw, but that is of course subjective. Also SL Presets works well on Lumix (JPG). I don’t like hanging on a computer … before I had the S5 sold it and bought the SL. On the S5 I only worked with different JPG settings, I set 4, you can do your preset in the camera, contrast, highlights, shadows etc … you get what you see. Leica SL JPG are a disaster … that‘s why I was looking for a comfortable, simple, quick solution, thanks Matt for offering your presets here, it’s fun again with the SL.”

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