Welcome to the MrLeica checkout!

MrLeica Checkout

PAY HERE! (How To)

To download MrLeica Lightroom presets please:

  1. Go to Official PayPal website
  2. Make a direct payment in GBP to
  3. Adding a note of what preset you purchased (ie. “Leica SL Presets”)
  4. You will receive the files on receipt of payment (within 1-24hrs)


Why no automated PayPal link?

Sorry I had to temporarily disconnect the automated PayPal check out with instant file download due to spam attacks and some users facing technical issues.   

Step by step guide if you are new to using PayPal:

  1. Log into your PayPal account in a new window at
  2. Once logged into your PayPal account, on the top toolbar click “Money”
  3. Next click “Send or request money”
  4. Using the Send Money options please chose either (1) pay for goods or services (I get charged a fee to receive payment) or (2) Send to friends and family (I don’t get charged to receive payment)
  5. Please chose the method you are happy with
  6. Next enter my PayPal email address –
  7. Enter the value of the items – ie. £9.99 for a LR preset bundle
  8. Please add a note for what you purchased – ie. “£9.99 Leica CL preset bundle”
  9. I will receive an automated PayPal email telling me payment has been made
  10. On receipt I will then email you the Leica preset zip file(s)
  11. If I am near my computer I will email you the download as quickly as possible – hopefully within 12-24hrs worst case

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