2015 Photography Workshops

2015 Photography Workshops

Matthew Osborne Photography

For 2015 I plan to advertise less group photography workshop dates as I find most people are wanting 1-2-1 photography tuition.  I dont advertise 1-2-1 sessions as people come to me as and when required.  I have photographers visit me for lessons from across Europe and I find I teach mostly either in my Coventry studio or in London for location shoots.  Some photographers book me for one day, others for several days in a row depending on their needs.  I try to meet most people’s requests and never find distance or location a restriction.   The most common topics I am asked to teach are portrait photography, lighting for portrait photography, using avaialble light, speedlights, studio lights, how to work with a model, how to operate a Leica M camera for any style of photography, how to work with analogue film cameras, 35mm, medium format and large format film and also how to try to make money from your photography.

Photography workshop cost
For 2015 the pricing structure will change slightly to accommodate the cost of hiring a model.  I am now teaching regularly so cannot expect the same models helping me to work for print (“TFP”)(Time for Print). As with most things in life you get what you pay for to an extent. If you want an experienced model needing little or no direction that can provide you with high quality portfolio photos you will generally pay more then if you just need a face to learn portrait lighting.  Some photographers with more experience want me to take a back seat and let them lead and direct the model.  Other photographers with little or no experience want to see how I work and shadow me for the day shooting over my shoulder as I pose and direct a model. Shadow me days are cheaper as models get my images from the day as part of their payment for their portfolio.

2015 Photography Workshop Prices

  • Photography Tuition & Shadow Me Days – £35ph for photography tuition (of any kind) including you shooting over my shoulder shadowing me as I work with a model. Minimum booking 4hrs.  Cost based on a studio session in Coventry and excludes any additional travel expenses that may be required.  Cost excludes a model.
  • Photography Tuition & You Directing a Model – £45ph for photography tuition where I am on standby to help you shoot a model that I organise, helping with lighting, posing, camera operation as required. Minimum booking 4hrs.  Cost based on a studio session in Coventry and excludes any additional travel expenses that may be required.  Cost excludes a model.
  • Model Hire – £10-£25ph for model hire based on individual models rates.

You Directing a Model:

Photography Workshop Teaser

Shadow Me Days:

Mr Leica - in Action!

Photography Workshops in Your City – Globally
In the next few months I am planning to fly out to both Amsterdam and Zurich to run 1-2-1 photography workshops for photographers in their home town and with local models.  If you want me to visit your city to work with you then feel free to get in touch whatever the distance.  Overseas prices vary slightly to those in the UK so please email me to discuss further.

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