Group Photowalk Workshops

Teaching Small Group Photography Workshops

Some of you may know that I’ve been teaching photography workshops since 2014. All of those have been on a 1-2-1 basis except the first few.   

During my last 2 overseas city breaks I’ve really enjoyed walking around looking for photos (as I wasn’t booked up with models morning until night).  I thought perhaps this is something I can share/ teach to small groups.  What I see and what I look for when taking these photographs.  I don’t offer group workshops for model photography as I try to protect the model and think 3 of us is a nice number to get good results (Me, model + 1 student).  

For walking around photos though I think 3 photographers + me can be the perfect size.  Everyone will have the opportunity to ask me all they want to know on the day and offering group session means I can drop the price so that I’m more accessible to more people.

From April onwards, I will start with offering these new photowalk workshops in cities I will be in. London, Birmingham, Gdansk, Warsaw, Budapest to name a few . Going forward I can teach wherever there is a demand so ask your photographer friends and I can travel to meet you.

Photowalk Workshops include:

  • 3 spaces available per day
  • £250 per person
  • Full day, meet in the morning, walk around a lot, light lunch, more photos, and debrief/ optional photo review at the end
  • You’re welcome to shoot film and digital, any brand (not limited to Leica)
  • You have the option to test 1 of my digital cameras (If I can carry!)
  • You have the chance to try one of my lenses (limited to what I can carry!)
  • I can explain about using a rangefinder camera,  zone focusing, film cameras
  • Topics include composition, looking for light, lens choice, framing..
  • Colour vs. black and white and using filters (for film users especially)
  • Using different camera settings to get different results from the same location

Small Print

*It will be a photowalk rather than pure street photography with more focus on light, composition, and exposure than photographing the homeless guy on the bench. Being in cities there will be people to photograph so we can include street photos.

*The format is not set in stone so I’m happy to work with you to create something that adds the most value to the group.

Meetup Mailing List

Join the new mailing list for future photowalk dates/ communications for your cities of interest. Places will be offered on a first come basis (all countries).

*This mailing list is specifically for these communications and you won’t be spammed with anything else. I will send you emails with dates relating to your mentioned city/ cities of interest.

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