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New page! Here is some feedback from photographers after out Zoom calls!

Customer Feedback

“I recently contacted Matt for some advice regarding a lens purchase. I was really impressed with his enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise with Leica and Voigtlander lenses. I highly recommend jumping on a zoom call and for a small fee save yourself hours of google research.”Dubai, 2021

“Many of Matt’s ideas are close to mine but, not having the opportunity to experiment as much, means I need to work with someone who has done it. In that respect Matt did not disappoint. In fact, our discussion led to new possibilities. One zoom call was just not enough, but definitely worth it.” – New York, 2021

“Matt has a good ear for listening and a clear way of explaining various topics, leading to a very pleasant remote tutoring experience. He understood my photographic journey and advised sensible and concise actions for improving in my hobby. My first session of five was already jam packed with knowledge, and Matt’s broad range of experience gave me the confidence he can help me in all aspects of photography that are relevant to me. Gear buying recommendations were spot on as well.”Netherlands, 2021

“For years my goal was to get a Leica Rangefinder. I lived in South America for several years so that was an almost impossibility. Two years ago I sold all my Fuji kit and bought a Leica M9 and a couple of Voigtlander lenses. Spent the next year loving the form factor, the measured approach to photography, the simpleness of the rangefinder system. Christmas of last year I noticed some color streaks in my photos. Thought it was corrosion even though the sensor had been replaced. Turned out the sensor was kaput. Got a great deal on a ME (Typ 240) and started using it. Matt helped me work through some issues and I starting shooting with it. Attached a Summilux 50 and got some beautiful photos.

Problem was, it wasn’t a “fun” as the M9 and pretty soon, the process in which (in my mind) the camera should be an invisible part of the photographic process changed to where it was the main part of the photography process. I wasn’t thinking of composition or the photographic triangle, I was trying to line up the patches and snapping the shot. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I was out taking photos of Christmas lights, trying to get poorly illuminating photos was frustrating. I’m not knocking the camera. Beautiful photos have been taken by less capable cameras. It’s not the Rangefinder cameras are not good enough for me, I’m just not able to exploit them to their fullest. I wasn’t sure what camera would tick my boxes so I reached out to Matt and booked a zoom call. We talked through various camera options and I decided on the Leica SL Model. I’m now looking forward to some of the automation and Matt was a big help in working out that purchase.”Uruguay, 2022

“The nature of the Leica ecosystem being what it is, it naturally means that reviews for Leica and Leica-related gear is not going to be as easy to find as the numerous amount of opinions in relation to equipment of other brands, like Sony or Nikon or Canon. Speaking to Matt is really helpful because of his experience at testing different pieces of gear by Leica, or designed for the Leica ecosystem.” – UK, 2022

I spent hours and hours watching YouTube videos trying to decided on what my first film camera should be. I came aromas Matt’s videos and while they were thorough, I knew I just needed to actually talk to someone with knowledge about film face to face. I was able to talk with Matt about what I was looking for in a film camera and he provided me with a few options within different price ranges. While he did suggest many options within my budget my mind just kept coming back to the M6. I’m happy to announce I have joined the Leica community! Can’t wait to drain my pockets on lenses. 😂” – Chicago, 2022

“Although I’ve worked for a couple of years with the Leica Q2, I’m a newcomer to the Leica CL. Like so many I was hoping for an interchangeable lens Q2 and discovered the CL to be the nearest equivalent. I bought it with the Leica CL 18-56mm ASPH. I prepared copiously for the CL, scouring all the reviews and YouTube posts covering the camera from every point of view and in this process came across Matt’s reviews. Always with a no-nonsense approach, completely clear, factual and relevantly informative, it was his post on “10 Reasons to buy the CL” that closed the deal for me. I was left with questions, the need for further advice and guidance and applying for a half-hour zoom with him proved to be the best solution. In fact, together with the Leica Academy’s coverage of the Q2, my time with Matt was the best tutorial of its kind I’ve experienced. Having worked with the CL and the 18-56mm lens for two or three weeks I discovered issues I needed to resolve, working in low light, depth of field, the correct use of this particular lens, and how to get the best out of the camera without IBIS. Added to that I needed advice and guidance on buying more lenses for the kind of photography I do. In every respect, my half hour with Matt was entirely satisfying, a learning curve made easy by the fact that he specifically addressed my needs and questions and had prepared an agenda of options that will enable me to put together only the gear I really need. I live in SW France and have no contact here with anyone that is interested in photography or who can help me develop my work. Should I decide to return to England, Coventry, where Matt lives, would be on my short list of locations!”France, 2022

The hour Zoom meeting with Matt was money well spent. When one ventures into the land of Leica there is a ton of lore and history to wade through. Following the progression of camera models is fairly straight forward but wading through lenses is a daunting task. Matt’s knowledge of lenses and recommending what is applicable for my interests (mostly landscape) was/is very beneficial. I feel like I have the information necessary to put a kit together that will suit my needs! Thanks Matt!” – Montana, USA, 2022

“Matt was very helpful in giving me insights on how a professional photographer approaches shoots and gets in touch with models. His tips were very valuable to me as I am currently in the process of getting into the professional photography business!”Portugal, 2022

I put in a last minute request for a Zoom consult with Matt to get some advice on using a Leica mirrorless (TL2/CL) along with wedding protocols in the UK. Matt was quick to respond and flexible in the meet up. We met up and addressed all my questions sharing some valuable insights shooting weddings on mirrorless (I had photographed weddings using DSLRs prior like he had) along with some protocol etiquette for weddings in the UK (which are a little different than here in Canada). It’s given me the confidence for next weekend to attend this wedding as a guest whilst capturing images for a later gift as tactfully and respectfully as possible”.Vancouver, Canada, 2022

“I’m new to the Leica film camera world. I’ve, of course, always known about the cameras but never considered buying one before. Recently I decided to trade my SLRs for an early screw mount Leica. I have always loved the craftsmanship of these cameras and have always been drawn in by German precision and beautiful design! So, after trying to understand the variations and differences of these cameras and which one would be best for me I realized I needed help! I had discovered Matt and his blog, MrLeica.com, and decided to set up a zoom call with him. Matt really helped me figure out what I needed and what I should look out for that may be potential problems for me and what I wanted from a camera and lens. Matt is a great teacher and adviser he knows so much about the Leica world and also how they compare and contrast with other camera systems and lenses. Give him a call if you are in a quandary as I was about the multitude of Leica choices to be had today, you’ll be glad you did!”NYC, 2022

“I learned quite a bit and gained a more comprehensive insight on which lens I should buy. I especially appreciate you getting up to show me the lenses and how to check them for defects so I don’t get ripped off traversing the second hand market. Really looking forward to my next visit to London when I can perhaps attend your workshop and take lots of photos in the meantime!” Singapore, 2022

I found the Zoom with Matt a tremendous help in discussing the use of my 1932 Barnack Leica – speaking to a fellow enthusiast was a rare but very welcome opportunity but most importantly the advice and guidance given was a real door opener for me. We discussed how to get the best from this vintage camera. It was satisfying to hear I was doing certain things right but expanding my approach and knowledge in taking better photos was singly put..inspiring!”UK, 2023

I booked a call with Matt to review my portfolio and he was extremely helpful with providing a professional opinion of my work, opening my eyes to new ways I could have done things differently, and even showing me small editing tricks that made a huge difference in my photos, all in 1 session! By showing me different ways I could have shot a photo on my portfolio, it’s opened up the challenge to shoot in ways outside my comfort zone and expand my skillset as a photographer. I knew something was missing but couldn’t quite figure out what changes I needed to make to prevent my work from stagnating, but Matt has obviously been doing this for much longer than I have and he immediately knew what tips to give me to get my work to improve, such as how to change my approach to the way I shoot. Matt was super friendly and I didn’t at all feel nervous about having my work professionally reviewed. Even if your work has not plateaued, it can always help having a different set of trained eyes review your work and provide meaningful feedback that can give you a push in the right direction of where you want your photography career to go. He is incredibly passionate about what he does and it’s very visible from the way he genuinely wants to help people improve their work.”San Francisco, 2023

“For anyone who is ready to bite the bullet and spend a serious amount of money on a Leica camera but has questions or needs a bit of guidance, I can highly recommend booking a consult with Matt over zoom. My last film camera was a canon AE-1 so this was quite a step up in price. Understandably, I had lots of questions. Matt really knows his stuff. Very personable and patient. Will definitely be returning should I need any further help.”UK, 2023

“I love Matt’s online videos, they are filled with great advice and are delivered in a manner that makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable to apply. His skill set as a photographer is matched as an amazing instructor. Even better are his one on one tutorials. I was recently loaned a Hasselblad H2, a camera I am considering buying but I wanted to make sure how to use it properly before going out. I took a private lesson with Matt online and he couldn’t have made it more simple for me to set the camera up, teach me some shortcuts and encourage me to make the most it. His knowledge and enthusiasm are inspiring. I consider him an amazing resource and won’t hesitate to work with him going forward”. – California, 2023

“I am over the moon to have found Matt and wholeheartedly recommend his zoom consultations! I wish I would have consulted with him sooner, especially after hours and days of researching prior to booking with him. He is super knowledgeable, warm and patient – I felt like no question was too ridiculous or off-limits to ask. I’m transitioning from Sony and excited to finally make the leap into the Leica system with Matt’s tremendous assistance finding the right lenses and cameras that are best suited for my particular tastes and peculiarities. Highly and enthusiastically recommended!”California, 2023

“I recently had a zoom call with Matt for assistance in selecting a 50mm M mount lens to suit my creative vision. Matt is a great listener and has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience from being a professional working photographer. His expertise saved me HOURS of research! Setting up the call was a breeze and Matt is truly a joy to work with”United States, 2023

I wanted to buy a medium-format film camera and must have spent over 50 hours watching videos, and reading advice on forums, and my head was spinning with all the choices. Luckily, I found Matt. Within an hour, he had taken me through my options, helped me make a decision about what would work for me, what to look out for when buying and showed me some of the features of the camera we thought would suit me best. On top of all that knowledge, Matt is a genuinely nice guy who loves his craft. What a great way to spend an hour.I wanted to buy a medium-format film camera and must have spent over 50 hours watching videos, and reading advice on forums, and my head was spinning with all the choices. Luckily, I found Matt. Within an hour, he had taken me through my options, helped me make a decision about what would work for me, what to look out for when buying and showed me some of the features of the camera we thought would suit me best. On top of all that knowledge, Matt is a genuinely nice guy who loves his craft. What a great way to spend an hour.” – Australia, 2023