Amateur Photographer Magazine – February 22, 2014

Freelensing Issue

Above is my photo of Harriett on the current issue of Amateur Photographer magazine. It was taken with a Nikon D800 DSLR camera back in early 2013 and shot as black and white JPEG in my Coventry studio. The photo was shot at night so that isn’t actually window light.. or a window!

Here are two more photos inside of models Harriett and Emma using the same camera and freelensing technique. I used various medium format camera lenses for freelensing so I am not sure exactly which lens I used here.

Amateur Photography Magazine - Freelensing

I will write an additional freelensing blog post soon with more examples and details using the Nikon D800 camera.

I now shoot with a Leica M9 most of the time both in the studio and on location for fashion photography and for Leica wedding photography so I no longer use the freelensing technique on a regular basis. – Leica Photographer

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