Mamiya RZ67 Pro II

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Me in action shooting the Mamiya RZ67 Pro II medium format film camera!

This was taken of me while I was shooting an Asian pre-wedding shoot. For medium format film photography I currently use 120 Kodak T-Max 100 film or 120 Kodak TMax 400 film.  The Mamiya RZ has a 6×7 format so gives 10 photos per roll of 120 film. (In comparison a 6×6 format film camera such as a Hasselblad will gives 12 photos per roll)

In this shot I am using the Mamiya Sekor 110mm f2.8 lens – my favourite lens of the Mamiya RZ67 lens lineup with amazing shallow depth of field and small and compact compared to some of the other RZ lenses.  For wider photos I favour the Mamiya 65mm lens and for a telephoto the Mamiay 180mm lens.  The 90mm lens came with the camera but I don’t use it as too close to my favoured 110mm.

Despite the large size of the RZ67 I use the camera like any other on location aswell as in the studio. I also use it handheld when there is suffiicient light (but in low light opt for a monopod).

The Mamiya RZ is currently my favourite camera and the huge 6×7 negative scans using an Epson v600 are just amazing. The subject gets a 3D look which is difficult to achieve with digital photography.

I use the RZ67  for model photography and as a wedding photographer. I am doing a black and white wedding photography package for a lucky couple this week so examples coming soon!

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8 thoughts on “Mamiya RZ67 Pro II”

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  3. Shhh . . . medium format Mamiyas are the most ridiculously underpriced cameras around. I have the original RB67. One word: stunning. I picked one up on the Polish equivalent to eBay, together with 3 lenses, for a great price. Did a session in a studio a short time later. After picking up the negatives & scans I was totally blown-away. TOTALLY! I instantly became a medium format junkie – in addition to the RB67, I now have 3 Rollefilexes (yeah, I know, but the prices were pretty damned cheap!). Although I have since bagged the remarkable Contax G1 w/- 45mm/f2 Zeiss Planar to see just how good 35mm can get, and regularly do sessions with the equally remarkable Rolleiflexes (models 2.8E & 2.8F – yet to try out the Tele), the Mamiya RB67 (with any of their superb and dirt cheap lenses) can easily equal, and, in my opinion, better any camera I have just mentioned. In fact, I would seriously doubt if there is ANY camera that could produce a better photo on film than a Mamiya RB/RZ67.
    And, your comment, Matthew, about the huge negatives & the remarkable scans made me smile. Nail on the head. Blasphemous as it may seem to some, I actually bought a Hasselblad 500 some time later – got home, unpacked it, looked at it & the lenses . . . then returned it the next morning! It just didn’t feel “right” to me.
    Anyway – thanks for your write-up, but let’s keep it to ourselves about these amazing photographic tools! Best wishes.

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  5. Kevin McGovern

    Thank you for the Hasselblad/Mamiya comparisons, sir—very useful. I completely agree about the three-dimensionality of RZ images over others. Saw this on Flickr during a self debate on the Fuji 690-family for an MF platform. Price and square format knocked big H from the running. RZs lighter weight made the cut for my landscape work. Your observations are extremely helpful!

    1. Thanks Kevin, glad I could help. I need to blog about my more recent cameras when I get chance but I still use the mentioned cameras too! My taste tends to cycle but the facts remain constant. 🙂 Matt

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