Male Photoshoot UK (Men's Photography) Coventry

Men’s Photography UK (Male Photoshoot)

Need a male photoshoot? Coventry studio based professional photographer for men. Man photography including mens studio photo shoot, male lifestyle photography, location shoot for men. Catering for male models, men’s editorial shoot, men’s fashion look and simple portraits for men. Book a photoshoot for men today!

Experienced model photographer photographing men (and girls) in the Coventry studio and on location across the UK (+ overseas). If you are interested in mens photography and/ or mens fashion and want to book a portrait session for men or perhaps a men’s lifestyle shoot on location I can help. Below are some men’s photography ideas from my previous shoots. I can help with how to pose a man and give male portrait ideas. No experience required. I will discuss mens styling and wardrobe prior to the photoshoot so we get the best results. Men’s photography can include both digital photos and analogue film photos (35mm and medium format film).

Need a new professional photo for LinkedIn? Coventry? London? ..

Is you profile page in need of an update? Do you need a new professional photo for LinkedIn? I can help! (Especially if you live in the Coventry area). My studio is in Coventry UK but I often do men’s photography in London too. Most of the model agencies are in London.

Photographing Men

Want to be a male photoshoot model? (Agency model)

Do you’re friends keep telling you that you should be a male photoshoot model for a model agency? If yes you will first need photos to send to the male model agencies.

Men Photography

Men’s photographer UK (No experience required)

The good news is you don’t need any male model experience. You just need to show up ready to shoot and I will direct you.

Hasselblad 500cm Portrait

Posing for men and how to pose male models

When it come to how to pose men, a man often just want to look cool (where as girls want to look beautiful). There are certain classic mens poses we can do that work every time. You’ll probably know some of these when we try them!

Hasselblad Film Fashion

Male photoshoot – what’s included?

If you book a photo session with me, it doesn’t matter if it’s a female model or a male photoshoot we follow the same process. You arrive on the day ready to start and bring your own clothes. Normally 3-5 outfits. You get all digital photos taken during the shoot and they are sent to you via email once processed.

Male photo shoot

Men portraits on film (analogue male portraits)

If you are looking for a male photoshoot in the UK with a difference, I offer the option of men portraits on film. I teach photography and use many analogue and digital cameras. Film gives a different look to your images if you want something a bit more artistic for Instagram/ your portfolio etc.

Male Portrait Photography

Men’s photography – Coventry studio or location shoot (UK)

If you searched men’s photography UK, depending on your location I offer two photoshoot options:

  1. Coventry photography studio – plain backdrop and the cheapest option – duration 1 hour
  2. Location photoshoot (often in London) – much more creative using a variety of locations and backdrops – duration 2 hours
Paris Model

Examples of male photoshoots in the Coventry studio

Studio sessions work well for evening bookings and especially in the darker winter months. To find a photo studio near you search something like “Book a professional male photoshoot in the studio UK”. London based studios tend to be more expensive. Here are some examples from the Coventry photography studio.

Photographing Men
Photographing Men
Photographing Men - On Film
Leica Elmar 50mm f2.8 Collapsible
Male Model Photoshoot
Leica Vario-Elmar 35-70mm f4 Portrait

Male lifestyle shoots and men’s fashion photoshoots in London (and Europe)

If you are looking for male style shoots then you will prefer photoshoots shot on location. Equally if you want to book a men’s fashion photoshoot then again outdoor and on location will be better. Here is a small sample of some of the male photoshoots shot in the UK and Europe. Often London but also Birmingham, Coventry and others.

Mens Fashion, London (35mm Film)
Hasselblad Sonnar Portrait

Black and white portraits for men

You might notice that most of my images are B&W. If you are looking for black and white portraits for men then you are definitely in the right place! I specialise in B&W portraiture, both male and female, film and digital.

Photographing Men
Male Model London
After Hours - Leica M2
Men's Fashion Photography
Analogue Fashion Shoot

Want colour photos from your photoshoot for men?

No problem! The default is I send you all images in colour (even though I will probably try to persuade you to have some in black and white!) Black and white portraits of men just look timeless and classic but I appreciate some people want colour and that’s totally fine.

Hasselblad Photoshoot
Men's Photography
Men's Fashion, London
Hasselblad Portrait
London Model