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I’m a self taught photographer with 10+ years experience of photographing portraits, models and weddings.  After year 3 I was teaching photography in the UK and overseas and writing technical articles for photography magazines. By year 4 I bought my first Leica camera.  As a child my Grandfather inspired me to draw and taught me to paint with watercolours.  As a teenager I taught myself very fine detail acrylic painting but went on to study science (and later finance) rather than the arts.

Photography came to me in my 20s when a girlfriend kindly bought me a camera for Christmas.  I was immediately hooked and 3 months later a bought a better camera and then another.  My inquisitive data driven mindset and tendency to document things inspired me to start this blog as a personal project.  When reading about photography and researching new cameras I find it the perfect place to record everything I learn to share with others.

Mr Leica Photographer Blog + YouTube

Coventry photography studio based UK portrait photographer / wedding photographer / Leica photographer using digital Leica cameras and film cameras.  Analogue cameras include 35mm, medium format film and large format and film developing and scanning is done in house. was founded in 2013 and I finally stopped avoiding YouTube later in 2019 and started posts 2 videos most weeks from 2020. I hope you find the content as enjoyable to read as it is to document and follow me above to see future articles.

Then in 2022 this happened!

Publication Archive

Between 2013 and 2016 I wrote a few articles for photography magazines –