Contax 645 Wedding Photography

Medium Format Film Wedding Photography 

24th August 2013

Leica M9 + Contax 645 Wedding

For Deb & Paul’s Wedding back in August in Gloucester UK, I used the Leica M9 for most of the wedding photos plus the Nikon D800 for some wide angle low light shots. I also shot a roll of 120 medium format Kodak Portra 400 colour film on my Contax 645 camera.

Contax 645 Wedding Photos

I had the film lab developed and here are the first few film negatives i’ve scanned from the roll.

Contax 645 Wedding :)

Contax 645 Wedding Portrait

Contax 645 Film Wedding

Contax 645 + Kodak Portra Wedding

Contax 645 Wedding

VW Camper Wedding

VW Camper Wedding (2)

Contax 645 Wedding Portrait

Check back soon for the other photos taken.

Very pleased with the Kodak Portra and the Contax 645 combination. The level of detail captured is fantastic and I love the Portra tones. – Wedding Photographer

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  1. Gorgeous images Matt. Portra rocks! I took a few of rolls of 160 to Spain (in an Olympus Trip 35) and was blown away by the look of the images…Photoshop not required :)) Keep up the good work.

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