Kodak Plus-X 125 Review (Expired Kodak PX 125 Film)

A mini Kodak Plus-X 125 review after shooting this expired 35mm film in Poland with local models using Leica film cameras. Leica M2 Portrait

Kodak Plus X 125 Film – Intro

To my knowledge Kodak Plus-X 125 film was discontinued by Kodak in 2011 and dates back to before Kodak Tri-X 400 film.  Kodak Plus X is said to have been first on sale in 1938 to use with movie cameras similar to the modern Kodak Vision3 motion picture film that I am now using today for colour 35mm photography.  I bought my expired Kodak Plus-X film as a bulk roll short end on eBay.  I spooled some of the film and took it with me on my model photography trip to Poland.  I shot the Plus-X at ISo 100, developed the film in Xtol and scanned the film on an Epson v800 scanner.  Here are some samples –

35mm Kodak Plus X 125 – Flickr Photos


Kodak Plus-X Fashion Kodak Plus X Fashion Window Light Portrait


Kodak Plus-X 125 Portrait Kodak Plus-X Portrait Leica M6 + Noctilux Leica Summicron 50mm DR Kodak Plus X Film


Leica M6 + Kodak Plus-X Kodak Plus-X Bulk Film Kodak Plus-X Bulk Film


35mm Kodak Plus-X Into the Sun Expired Kodak Plus X 125

Kodak Plus-X 125 Review – Thoughts

I was impressed by the latitude and fine grain especially considering it was expired film.  I would happy use Plus X 125 again if I acquired some.  I would say it is perhaps like a finer grain Ilford FP4 Plus film with a creamer look.  On the whole I found Plus-X to be lower contrast than the modern Kodak T-Max 100 T grain film.

Kodak Plus-X 125 Test Photo!

Here is me in my scruff testing my first roll of bulk loaded Kodak Plus-X in a mirror in the garden with my Leica M2 camera before taking it to Poland! 🙂 Kodak Plus X

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  1. Your models never seem to look like they are enjoying the shoot . Are you a charmless taskmaster? Do you just fall for the cliche to make them make moody poses? I’m sure you can engage with them to make better work than this. The medium of film is lost if the content is not worth a second look.

    1. James Stratakos

      Matt, Ignore the critical comments like the one above by jezzafox. It reminds me of the type commentary that is a product of a hopeless and uncreative soul…Continue the good work and educational content Matt!

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      Hi Mitch, it probably varied. Click any photo in the article to drill down to the camera/lens/developing info.

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