Leica Engagement Shoot at Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry
Coventry Wedding Photographer / Leica Photographer
Raki & Terri

Leica Engagement Shoot (2)

Yesterday I had chance to do another couple shoot with my Leica M9 camera. We did an engagement themed shoot with model friends Raki and Terri. Neither of them had worked together before but they gelled together really well and it made for an easy to direct shoot.

For most weddings, couples do not set aside enough time to get a wide range of natural yet creative wedding portraits. Many couples are also on a tight budget so skip the engagement shoot option. I organise shoots like this one with Raki and Terri to show ‘real’ couples what is possible for them if they opt for either an engagement shoot or book me as their wedding photographer. I am not looking to shoot a wedding every weekend as I don’t want to mass produce wedding photos. This does not interest me as it kills the creativity and excitment. I much rather work closely with a smaller number of couples that like like my style of photography and share their excitment in the build up to their wedding day. It sounds cheesy but I really do get excited before my shoots and always have a head full of creative ideas during the week leading up to each wedding!

Yesterday I wanted to try my latest addition to my Leica camera bag, a 1954 Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5 lens. I shot 90% of the day using this lens and my Leica M9 camera. I changed to a Leica Summicron 50mm f2 v5 for a short time to do some close up shots. The ‘Cron has a 0.7m closest focal range vs. 1m of the Summarit. I will post a seperate review of Leica Summarit lens in the coming days.

Here are some sample images from the engagement shoot that are already on Flickr –

Leica Engagement Shoot
Leica Summarit 50/1.5

Leica Engagement Photography

And here are more sample images not yet posted (selection of black and white and colour) –

Thank you to Satti B MUA who provided the hair and makeup for Terri. I used one off camera speedlight throughout the shoot. See if you can guess where it was placed for each image!

The vintage Leica Summarit lens produces softer images than modern lenses but I love the look it gives and plan to use it as one of my regular lenses going forward.

To book a wedding or engagement shoot with me do not hesitate to get in touch.. no matter where you are in the world!

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  1. Hi Matthew,

    Beautiful photos! My cousin will be proposing to his girlfriend in May in London. I want to surprise them by helping to capture the moment he bends down on one knee and proposes to her . I would be grateful if you would be able to help me capture this special moment.


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