Digtital Leica CL Review 2020

Digital Leica CL Review: in 2020 + Sample Images

Here I share my latest YouTube video – the Leica CL in 2020. I consider 10 points as to whether the Leica CL APS-C crop sensor camera is a viable alternative to a full frame Leica camera. The CL one of the most affordable Leica cameras and I was surprised to enjoy it more than my Leica M240. After nearly 2 years of using the Leica CL as my main digital camera I share my experiences and thoughts. I compare the CL to the Leica Q, Leica SL, Leica TL, Leica M240 and Leica M10 (Leica M cameras especially).

YouTube: Leica CL Review: in 2020

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8 thoughts on “Digital Leica CL Review: in 2020 + Sample Images”

  1. Love your video. Have had CL for 2 1/2 years. Love it with 18mm,23mm,55-135mm TL lens
    and my M and Nikor lenses. Don’t use my M7 and M8 except occasionally. Keep up the good
    work. Dan Frick

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Dan! Good to hear you enjoy your CL too! Thanks for following along. More videos soon! Matt

  2. The most accurate, down to earth and easy to understand explanation of what the CL is, and can do, from someone who knows how to use one. Excellent camera. Excellent video.I would say the simplicity of the controls and menus make this camera a joy to use compared to a Sony or Fuji, so in my opinion it’s a better camera to own if you can afford it.

  3. I recently bought it after having had an SL2-s (which was too big for travel use) Got a mint condition for £1200. Also bought an 18mm TL . superb camera and combination. Recently went to USA and carried it in my pocket. Have also had a Q and Mp240. This is the best!

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Congrats David! Yes for anyone that doesn’t need shallow DOF shots the CL is awesome. It’s the best size for a Leica, especially with that 18mm 🙂 Perfect travel combo! Enjoy

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