Leica M8 in 2020 + Sample Photos

Leica M8 in 2020

Leica M8 in 2020 + Sample Photos

Here I share my latest YouTube video – the Leica M8 in 2020. I consider 10 points as to whether the near ‘vintage’ digital Leica M8 is still a viable option today. The M8 is the most affordable digital Leica M camera and also the first digital M, released in 2006. It has a 1.33x crop CCD sensor and a jaw dropping 10MP!

YouTube: Leica M8 in 2020

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For sample photos with the Leica M8 please click the links below:

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2 thoughts on “Leica M8 in 2020 + Sample Photos”

  1. Just watched your M8 in 2020 video. Great. Still love mine bought new in 2007. Mainly use my Cl now and have your Lightroom
    Presets.. Follow your work with the CL. My 83 year old eyes need the autofocus in some situations but love being able to use my
    M lenses and Nikon lenses manually
    Thanks for your work on both cameras.

    1. Thank you Dan! Talking of the CL, keep you eyes peeled if you have your YouTube subscription notifications turned on as a New CL video is coming out soon (currently being edited) 🙂

      Happy to hear you enjoy both cameras too. I hope i’m still enjoying my photos at 83yr! 🙂


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