Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - B&W

Leica M8 Lightroom Presets (Leica Look Lightroom Presets)

As requested here are my Leica M8 Lightroom Presets which are now available as an instant download bundle!   I use the Leica M8 LR presets for some Leica CL camera photos too!.. even though I developed the specific Leica CL LR Presets

Leica M8 Portrait with Noctilux

Leica M8 Lightroom Presets

3 Lightroom presets that I use the most for my own Leica M8 photography

Leica M8 Lightroom preset bundle includes 3x LR presets, 1x colour, 2x black and white:

  1. MrLeica Leica M8 B&W Vintage1
  2. MrLeica Leica M8 B&W1
  3. MrLeica Leica M8 Colour1
Leica M8 + 28mm

Leica Look Lightroom Presets

3 Leica M8 LR presets to apply to Leica M8 RAW files.  That is what I made the profiles for specifically but you can still try applying them to any photo to see if it gives you the Leica look!

I think the famous Leica look is a combination of Leica lenses (mostly) and Leica digital camera sensors (less so).  The Leica M8 and Leica M9 CCD sensors were very different to the mass-produced CMOS sensors found in many modern digital cameras (including the Leica M240).  They give a more filmic hybrid look unlike most digital photos.   It was a huge disappointment “upgrading from a Leica M9 to a Leica M240.  (See my Learning to love the Leica M240).  I finally developed LR presets that brought the lifeless M240 RAW files back to life. (I will try to share these when I get chance).

Leica M8 LR Presets

Why 3 presets?  Leica M8 RAW DNG files (colour) already have a vintage look straight from camera (perhaps similar to my Leica CL colour wedding preset but more filmic looking).  The “Leica M8 Colour1” preset gives a more saturated, higher contrast modern looking colour profile.  The two Leica M8 Lightroom presets that are B&W might look quite similar if the images are viewed small size.  Where they differ the most is when photos are viewed large.  The “Leica M8 B&W Vintage1” preset gives a much more grainy appearance than the “Leica M8 B&W1” preset that has a smoother more modern look.

Film vs Digital

Leica M8 Camera Presets – Preview Photos

Before and after preview photos from Adobe Lightroom (screenshots) to show the effect of each LR preset.  Images on the left show the RAW DNG Leica M8 files “Before” and pictures on the right are with the Leica M8 preset applied “After”. (Please note I was not using an IR cut filter for any photo as I didn’t have one to fit the lens I used for most photos).

All featured Leica M8 photos were shot during my latest trip to Poland.  Full Poland blog to follow.

1. Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica M8 B&W Vintage1

Up close the “Leica M8 B&W Vintage1” preset has quite a vintage look

Leica M8 Lightroom Preset Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - B&W
2. Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica M8 B&W1

The “Leica M8 B&W1” offers smoother skin and a perhaps a slightly more modern look yet still the filmic look of the Leica M8 CCD sensor. (Perhaps the appearance of a fine grain modern film emulsion vs the more classic film grain look of the “Leica M8 B&W Vintage1”.  (Despite owning digital Leica cameras I shoot film as much as possible so my Lightroom presets tend to have a film influence).

Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - B&W
Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - B&W
3. Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica M8 Colour1

The “Leica M8 Colour1” preset gives a more saturated, higher contrast modern looking colour profile vs the low contrast unsaturated DNG files.

Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - Colour
Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - Colour
Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - Colour
MrLeica Leica M8 B&W Vintage1 vs MrLeica Leica M8 B&W1

Here is a zoomed in comparison of the 2 B&W Leica M8 Lightroom presets:

  • Photo Left: Leica M8 B&W Vintage1
  • Photo Right: Leica M8 B&W1
Leica M8 Lightroom Preset - B&W


>> Leica M8 Camera Presets Download

*As seen in the MrLeica SHOP

Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica M8 BUNDLE SPECIAL OFFER! (3x Leica M8 presets)

£9.99 - Download Now!

Special bundle offer – 3 Leica M8 presets for the price of 2

Leica M8 Lightroom preset bundle includes:

  • MrLeica Leica M8 Colour1
  • MrLeica Leica M8 B&W1
  • MrLeica Leica M8 B&W Vintage1

Want that Lightroom Black and White Presets Leica Look?

Although I have developed Leica camera specific Lightroom Leica Presets I find the presets I use the most are the Leica M8 LR presets.  I’m used to shooting black and white film in the 35mm Leica film cameras and I like the look of film.  If I want a similar filmic look (as close as I can achieve in Lightroom) when using a digital camera I import all the digital files through Lightroom the apply a black and white preset Leica look (in the form of the Leica M8 B&W Lightroom presets).  I use the M8 Leica Lightroom presets on most of my Leica M240 and Leica CL files currently.  (It is worth noting I apply my Leica look Lightroom preset to all files imported then export to give to models/ clients.  If there is a photo I really like and want to share I then often fine tune the image (usually contrast) in either Lightroom or Photoshop prior to posting.

Leica Lightroom Presets: Leica M8 Presets + Different Leica Cameras

Leica M8 Lightroom Presets + Leica CL Camera RAW files

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 ASPH
Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1.4
Voigtlander 35mm Portrait
Leica Elmar 50mm Portrait
Leica Fine Art Portrait ?
Leica CL + Noctilux

Leica M8 Lightroom Presets + Leica M240 Camera RAW files

Leica 6x6

Leica Lightroom Presets: Leica M8 Presets + Non-Leica Cameras!

Leica M8 Lightroom Presets + Yi4K+ Action Camera (like a GoPro camera)

Fine Art Landscape
Yi4K+ Photography

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  1. Good morning Matthew, I m beginning in the M world and in LR… Would you have presets for the M240? If you already explained your LR process flow, please tell me where I canfind your post. Should be great😜 Thank you. Bruno

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Morning Bruno, congrats and welcome to the M world! 🙂 M240 presets.. I do.. many. It has been my main camera for a few years. I will try to dig out my most used / favourite 3x M240 presets and package them up this week so available to download in the SHOP section even if I don’t get chance to write a whole post for them straight away. I’ll see what I can do later. Thanks Matt

  2. Keith Tomlinson

    Been trying to purchase the presets but the store link does now allow me to complete purchase at PayPal. It’s going to a Sandbox PayPal.com address and I am in the UK. Is this what the issue is? How can I get the presets?

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Keith, Sorry the website is not working for you. Please see the instructions on the check out tab (second half). This seems to work the best for people currently,

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Riccardo, yes it should work with all LR versions. I’ve sold quite a few and no one has reported back with any issues. Thanks for your interest. Matt

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hello thanks, yes the presets work really well for my own workflow so I hope they can help you too! Cheers Matt

  3. Thanks a lot, I just tried these with IR cut filter, and a few WB adjustments here and there to suit and got great results 🙂

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks James! Sorry I missed this and happy that you obtained nice results.

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