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Leica Lightroom Presets – MrLeica LR Downloads Now Available!

Leica CL Lightroom Presets featured in this post.  Leica M8 Presets, Leica SL Presets, Leica M240 Presets, Lumix and othersVIEW ALL!

MrLeica Lighroom presets - Now Available!

Why am I now selling my Leica Lightroom presets?

When I have shared digital photos on Flickr in the past and mentioned words to the effect of “quick edit with a Lightroom preset I’ve made” some readers have commented or wrote to me asking if I would share these presets.  I think originally I didn’t want to share mt Leica Lightroom presets as I was worried everyone’s photos would look the same.  In reality I think so few people will be interested I can’t see it making a difference! 

As you may know I shoot a lot of film so for these images I don’t use Lightroom.  For all digital photos with my Leica cameras however I push the raw DNG files through Lightroom and add a preset across all images before exporting all and sending to the client.  For each digital Leica camera I develop a few black and white presets and a couple of colour ones to suit my taste (and probably with a film photography influence).  The presets are nothing special nor ground breaking and you might be frustrated at how simple they are.  You did ask for them though so as requested! 3 new Leica CL presets.

Leica CL – Leica Lightroom presets (More info)

New digital camera – New Lightroom presets needed!

When I bought the Leica CL camera a few weeks ago the first thing I had to do was make a Lightroom preset.  Each camera sensor is different so I don’t use say a Leica M8 preset on the Leica M240 (and v.versa).  My Leica M240 presets didn’t suit the Leica CL sensor for my eyes so I developed new ones.  My first few photo shoots all suited high contrast B&W tones (to my eyes, on those days) so my first Leica CL preset I made was “High Contrast”.  I loved the crisp black and whites from the Leica CL sensor!

Leica CL + Summilux 50 M
Poland trip – More Leica Lightroom preset requests!  Time to make available!

After returned from my Poland model photography trip I wanted to give the photos a more vintage vibe.  Many of the photos seemed to have a timeless quality to them so the super modern Leica CL”High Contrast” preset I had made didn’t suit most of the pictures (for me).  With my film photography eye I tried to develop a vintage look B&W preset to suit the mood of the images.  As a reminder of its origin I called this Leica CL black and white preset “Poland 2018”.

First Leica CL Wedding – Need a Lightroom wedding preset

Much of my model photography is black and white images so I tend to use B&W presets the most.  That said for my Leica wedding photography most clients seem to want colour photos.  Buying the Leica CL ahead of a wedding when it came to editing I needed to develop a new Leica CL colour profile / preset.  I work closely with wedding clients and Adam and Becky loved the bright low contrast wedding look.  I made the CL colour preset “Wedding” and used it for all the wedding images.  I like the slight vintage / filmic look it has.

3 New MrLeica Leica CL Lightroom presets – Now available

For each of the 3  Leica CL Lightroom presets I have made I have shown below a RAW file (left) and the same photos with the Lightroom preset applied (right).  No other adjustments were made to these photos. These presets may not suit this particular image but I wanted to use a single photo with all 3 Leica CL presets applied so you can see the effect side by side.  I then included 3 sample photos using each of the 3 Leica Lightroom presets I developed as seen on Flickr (If you use Flickr!).

More Leica preset example photos – Where to find?

In addition to the sample photos included below you will be able to see more of my Leica camera images using the Mr Leica Lightroom presets soon.  I will post the full Leica CL wedding blog (with all photos using my Leica CL “Wedding” preset) and also the recent Poland model photography trip blog (with many of the photos using the “Poland 2018” LR preset as soon as I get time.  For the “High contrast” preset please see more example photos on my previous Leica CL blog posts. (It was the first Leica CL preset I made so I used it on all the early Leica CL photos).

(1) Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica CL B&W “High Contrast”

A modern look Lightroom preset with crisp high contrast black and white tones

Leica Lightroom Presets
Leica CL + Leica Elmarit-TL 18mm f2.8 ASPH
Leica CL Blog
Leica CL + Leica Elmarit 18mm f2.8

(2) Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica CL B&W “Poland 2018”

A vintage look Lightroom preset with softer tones and a low contrast effect

Leica Lightroom Presets - B&W
Leica CL Fashion Photography
Leica CL LR Preset
Leica CL + Summicron DR

(3) Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica CL Colour “Wedding”

A less modern looking lower contrast colour Lightroom preset for weddings

Leica Lightroom Presets - Colour
Leica CL Wedding!
Leica CL wedding - M lenses
Leica CL Wedding!

(1+2+3)  Leica Lightroom Presets: MrLeica Leica CL BUNDLE SPECIAL OFFER! (All 3 Leica CL presets)

Special bundle offer giving all 3 Leica CL presets for the price of only 2

Leica CL Lightroom preset bundle includes:

  • MrLeica Leica CL B&W “High Contrast”
  • MrLeica Leica CL B&W “Poland 2018”
  • MrLeica Leica CL Colour “Wedding”

Leica Lighroom Presets – More Leica Cameras LR Presets:

If people seem to like my MrLeica Leica CL Lightroom presets I have LR presets for my other Leica cameras too.  As I get chance I can make these available.

Leica M240 Lightroom presets

I still use a digital Leica M240 and have a few different presets to suit most conditions I photograph in. Black and white and colour.  This camera nearly broke me coming from a Leica M9 so it took months trying to develop a Lightroom preset to make the photos nice enough to look at to my taste.  I wrote a post about nearly giving up on the M240 at the time.  My Leica M240 presets probably try to get the images back to something closer to what was obtained from the Leica M9 sensor (together will a film photography influence). (*I didn’t develop the presets to replicate the exact Leica M9 look, merely something I enjoyed looking at).

Leica M8 Lightroom presets

The Leica M8 captures amazing B&W JPEGs (like the M9) so in the past I often posted straight from camera Leica M8 JPEGs.  More recently I have edited Leica M8 DNG raw files so needed to make presets.  I still have the M8 but seem to have misplaced the presets.  I will try to find as I need them for myself anyway.  I can then share them too as I know people have asked me directly to provide M8 presets.

Leica M9 Lightroom presets (still to follow)

The Leica M9 was my first digital Leica camera.  I loved the M9 in camera B&W JPEGs especially.  I part exchanged it to buy my Leica M240 so I have not used the camera for a few years now.  My current version of Lightroom doesn’t seem to show older presets so I’m not sure if I will be able to find my old Leica M9 presets.  If I can I will make them available as people have requested them.

Leica SL Lightroom presets + Other presets

Now I use a Leica SL and other cameras I have developed presets for those cameras too.

Leica D-Lux 109 / Lumix LX100 – Lightroom presets (I can make available if requested)

I used a little Panasonic Lumix LX100 camera as a backup camera to my Leica M240 for about a year for overseas trips.  The LX100 is the same inside as the Leica D-Lux 109 camera but a bit cheaper.  The LX100 sensor is not quite a Leica M sensor so I made myself a few LX100 Lightroom presets to make the photos more pleasing to my eye.  If anyone uses a Leica D-Lux 109 or Lx100 and want these presets please comment / write to me and I will look to make them available.


Lightroom presets – Answers to possible questions

1. What version of Lightroom do I use?

My current version of Lightroom is CC 2015, Version 6.3  (Licence type Creative Cloud). (To find this detail I went into Lightroom and clicked Help-System info) but I also have Lightroom 6 installed on my PC.

1b. Will my Lightroom preset work with older versions of Lightroom 4/5/6

Yes Lightroom presets should work all versions of Lightroom.  No one has ever written to me to say they experienced any difficulties.

1c. Will Lightroom 5,6,7 and CC2015 presets work on Lightroom CC (2017/2018)(Like LR Classic 7.3.X)?

Yes a Lightroom preset made in LR versions 5,6,7 or CC 2015 can be used in the more recent Lightroom CC 2017/2018.  You will just need to copy the preset into the new Lightroom preset location.  See next paragraph to find your Lightroom preset folder.  Up until LR 7.2 (I believe) all the earlier preset file types are the same.  Adobe apparently then changed how presets save for Lightroom Classic versions 7.3.X (from .LrTemplate files to .xmp files).  If you use a version of LR7.3 it might require a bit more LR knowledge to get my preset to work for you.

1d. Will Lightroom presets work on a Windows PC and a Mac the same

Yes Lightroom is the same for PC and Mac.  The only difference is the preset folder location is in a different place.

2. How to install your new Lightroom preset download? – For Windows 2018
  1. Open Lightroom and click: Edit->Preferences->Presets
  2. Click: Show Lightroom Presets Folder (to open)
  3. Double Click: Lightroom (to open)
  4. Double Click: Develop Presets (to open the folder)
  5. Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste the MrLeica preset into Develop Presets
  6. Restart Lightroom (Mr Leica Preset(s) should now display in Presets)
3. What photos can the MrLeica Lightroom presets be used for?

All of my MrLeica Lightroom presets can be applied to any RAW or JPEG image. I designed the Lightroom presets with specific cameras in mind but in reality the presets can be applied to any photo from any camera.

4. What if I don’t use a Leica camera but want to try out the MrLeica look presets?

Perhaps you use a Nikon, Canon, Sony or  Fuji camera (it can be any camera).  Even if you don’t use a Leica camera you can still apply one of my MrLeica presets to your image.  By using the same Lightroom preset as me that removes the editing aspect of how my photo might differ from yours.   You then know that any differences are from the camera or lens used. See the preset testimonials section to see what cameras people are using the presets with.

5. Trying to Replicate the MrLeica photo look?

If you use the same camera(s) as me, say a Leica CL and you apply one of my Leica CL presets.  If the photo still looks different it must be the effect of the lenses I used (if different to the lens you are using).  If you use exactly the same equipment (Camera, Lens, MrLeica Preset) as me then the difference can only be the light / location and camera settings used (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO).

6. How to Buy / Download a MrLeica Lightroom presets?

To buy a MrLeica Lightroom preset click BUY NOW and you will be redirected from there with instructions on each page.

7. Please read before buying

If you experience any difficulties trying to purchase a product please email me and I will be in touch as soon as I can.  So far everyone that has downloaded my Lightroom presets has been able to install and use them successfully.


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  1. Love your work with CL (which I also love!). Can I download the presets to
    my MAC PowerBook for use with current Lightroom Classic?

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hey Dan, thanks for the kind words! I’ve not tried LR6 presets with LR Classic but I just Googled it and is says it’s fine. If it doesn’t work let me know and i’ll sort you out / get more info for you. Thanks Matt

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Harold! Check my CL vs Q post. I think I used CL presets for the Q as it is the most similar sensor of the Leica cameras I use. I’m not suggesting buy my CL presets but if I bought a Q that is what I would use. The M8 & M240 are different to me. I hope that helps a little! Thanks Matt

  2. Hi Matt, so impressed with your videos and also your photos. Thanks for all the useful information. I wonder; can I use your presets for 240 for my M10-photos, do you think? Warm regards from Norway

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Lasse, thank you! Yes absolutely! People write to me saying they even use the presets on their iPhone images haha. Regards Matt

      1. Thanks a lot for the rapid and kind response, Matt. Now I see that you´ve also got presets for M10, so I´ll buy them immediately, Thanks!

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Roland, sorry I missed this. Hopefully you email me and we resolved it. If not you can get the Lumix G presets and use them with your camera. Regards Matt

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