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Leica M8 Used – 10th Anniversary & A Decade Long Love Affair + YouTube

Leica M8 + Voigtlander 40mm

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Leica M8 Used

10 years on it is now possible to pick up a Leica M8 used for an affordabe price..!

You may have already seen it on Steve Huff’s blog today but below is a post to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Leica M8 – the first digital Leica M camera!

Leica M8 + Voigtlander Nokton 40mm

Co-written by Elie Bescont, Prosophos, Johannes Huwe, Olivier Morgand and I, we try to explain why the Leica M8 is still going strong 10 years on –

The Leica M8 and it’s 10th Anniversary. A decade long Love affair

Leica M8 Flickr

More Leica M8 Flickr images from my feed!

Leica M8 Portraits
Leica M8 Fashion
Leica M8 + Noctilux
Leica M8 + Voigtlander 35 1.2
Zeiss ZM Planar
Little Princess
Leica M8 + Lux 50
Leica M8 B&W
Leica M 240 vs Leica M9
Leica M8 + Lux ASPH 50
Leica M8 B&W Portrait
Leica M8 Sharpness!!
Leica M8 B&W Portrait
Leica Summicron 50

Leica M8 Price

Digital Leica M cameras always looked out of my reach when I used to use a Nikon DSLR.  Just too expensive.  A new digital Leica camera cost is still is crazy expensive for the majority of the population (including myself!).  The good news is as time passes the older Leica M bodies become cheaper and more affordable.  A Leica M8 price is now less than many used DSLR cameras.  The M8 still offers the Leica quality and you can use your Leica film camera lenses on it.  I still enjoy Leica M8  wedding photography today and clients seems to love the look (see my Leica Wedding blog posts).

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  1. Beautiful.
    All of them, specially that one with the “odd” focus… I don’t see any calibration lack though, just a very shallow depth of field. Nice

  2. Congrats on the post, Matt. You deserve every recognition and I hope your business is doing exceedingly well – in terms of the type of work you’re doing and the rewards you secure.

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