Leica M8 IR Filter

Leica M8 IR Filter (Marumi UV IR Cut Filter) (Test)

Leica M8 IR Filter marmi filter on lens on leica camera

IR Filter for Leica M8

I own a Leica M8 as a backup Leica M digital camera body for my M9. I have only ever used the M8 for black and white photography so have never used a Leica M8 IR filter.  Why only B&W?  The colours from the Leica M8 digital sensor are not true to what I can see with my eye. The two most commonly documented examples of this are magenta blacks (seen taking photos of black synthetic materials such as a suit jacket. Quite a common sight at a wedding!) and yellowed greens (again green foliage is often all around during a wedding day here in the UK, whether the grass lawns of the wedding venue or surrounding gardens containing trees and shrubs).

I tried to do my own research to see if a Leica M8 IR flter (IR blocking filter) actually worked but there was very little evidence easily findable on Google. I bought myself a 52mm Marumi UV IR Cut Filter anyway and hoped it would work. It arrived yesterday so today I got to try it on my M8.

Here are the test photo results:
Leica M8 IR Filter Test
Marumi UV IR Cut Filter Test

It is very clear from the images that the Marumi IR filter does a great job of correcting the Leica M8 colours so they now look like colours I would obtain using my Leica M9.

This will give the M8 a new lease of life as I can now use it for both colour photography and black and white images. I would recommend this lens if you are looking to buy an M8 as an entry camera into the Leica M world. It can take some fine images, especially in black and white (due to the lack of IR filter built into the camera).


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  1. Hi there, I have recently got an M8 and loving your work. . Is B&W JPG better with or without the UV/IR. What settings are you using for M8 in camera JPG?

    1. Hi Andy, congrats on your M8! Good choice! 🙂 The IR filter is for colour work so for B&W I don’t use a filter. I now shoot DNG and convert to JPEG with my Leica M8 LR presets (see shop tab if interested – https://mrleica.com/shop/ ). When I first had the camera I used in camera B&W JPEG yes and I think had the settings as more contrast & sharper but it was a few years ago. Matt

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