Fuji GF670 Portraits + YouTube Review


Leica M9 vs. Fuji GF670!

(Fuji GF670 vs Leica M9 + Noctilux)

I originally bought my medium format film (6×6 / 6×7) Fuji GF670 Pro (aka “Voigtlander Bessa III”) folding camera to assist my Leica M cameras. I wanted a medium format rangefinder that was both compact and capable to fit in my hand luggage for photography trips away, whether model photography / fashion, wedding photography or travelling.  Since then I have bought several other medium format cameras including my Mamiya 645 Super and Rolleiflex SL66E.  My main photography interest is portraiture so I was uncertain that the Fuji GF670 rangefinder would tick all my boxes.  Rangefinders are not known for close focusing, fast lenses or a shallow depth of field.  Nine months on and I have used the Fuji GF670 for wedding photography, travel and fashion / portraiture. Here are some sample images (some you may have seen before on other posts):

Fuji GF670 Portraits / Fashion

Fuji GF670 6x6

Fuji GF670 Folding Camera

Fuji GF670 + 1:2 Xtol Dilution

Medium Format Rangefinder - Fuji GF670

Fuji GF670 B&W Portrait

Fuji GF670 Pro 6x7 Portrait

Fuji GF670 Portrait

Fuji GF670 + Rodinal 1:200

Fuji GF670 Portrait

Fuji GF670 6x6 B&W

6x6 B&W Film Portrait

Fuji GF670 Medium Format Rangefinder

Fuji GF670 B&W Portrait

GF670 Kodak Moment

GF670 + Ilford XP2 400

GF670 + Ilford film XP2

FUJI GF670 Analogue Rangefinder

Fuji GF670 / Voigtlander Bessa III

Fuji GF670 Pro Folding Camera

Fuji GF670 Pro - XP2 400 Portrait

Fuji GF670 + Portra Portrait

Fuji GF670 Film Portrait


Fuji GF670 Rangefinder

Fuji GF670 Wedding Photography

Warwick Wedding Venue - The Saxon Mill

Coventry Wedding Photographer - Film

Coventry Wedding Venue - The Saxon Mill

Fuji GF670 Travel Camera

Fuji GF670 Travel Camera

Fuji GF670 Rangefinder

Fuji GF670 - Soller, Majorca

Fuji GF670 6x6

So can the Fuji GF670 match the likes of the Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya 645 Super, Rolleiflex SL66E or even the Leica M cameras for portraits?

Yes and no.  The Fuji GF670 will of course not let me focus as close as my other medium format cameras, being a rangefinder (0.9m close focus) so I am never going to be able to achieve the dreamy look of say Contax 645 portraits.  That said, the lens is sharp, very sharp and it is capable of taking strong photos.  I just need to think more before taking an image.  Hopefully you will see a ‘slight’ improvement with the photos at the top of the portrait list vs those lower down.  A nice model alone is not enough to make a good photo with this camera.  Nice clothes and a good pose in a pretty place is not enough.  I need to really consider strong lighting, composition, background detail and have the help of a great model.  Put those all together and we start to see better results.

You may say I need all those components for every image? 

Again, yes and no.  With close focus lenses (even on the the Leica M cameras) the model can be pretty much anywhere in any light with any background and no experience and with a little direction and a shallow depth of field I can pretty much always get a nice image.  I didn’t realise how much I rely on a shallow DOF until I no longer have it!

I guess it is a bit like getting used to a 50mm f1 Leica Noctilux lens or perhaps an 85mm f1.4 lens for a DSLR camera and then being given a standard f3.5-f5.6 kit lens and someone saying go take some nice photos.  As I normally shoot portraits and weddings at f1-f1.2-f1.4-f2 I have to start approaching my photography differently with the GF670.  It is not a bad thing and hopefully it will result in me becoming a better photographer but it needs to be considered.

The Fuji GF670 camera itself seems well built and has an almost unnervingly near silent shutter sound to the extent that if there is any background noise you don’t know if you have taken the photo or not!  Great for quiet wedding photography photos in a church but I must admit I much prefer the big clunk of the larger camera shutters.  The Fuji rangfinder is OK.  I am spoilt with my Leica M3 rangefinder so in comparison everything else seems poor.  The GF670 rangefinder is not up to Leica standards so accurate focusing wide open and up close is not as easy as I would like / am used to. Stopped down a little the GF670 lens goes from sharp to crazy sharp and has a very modern look (I think).  I now need to use the camera to it’s strengths and see what I can get from the Fuji GF670.  I have just ordered some super fine grain 120 Ilford Pan F 50 film and have some 120 Fuji Velvia 50 film to try.  Coming soon!


See here my analysis and thought process before buying the Fuji GF670 (plus more technical info) – LINK


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  2. These portraits are really great. I am trying to decide between a leica M6 and the GF670 as a travel camera. I will be using it for a lot of landscape and street photography, but I am a portrait guy at heart. It’s nice to see good portraits with this camera. All other examples i have seen have been terrible.

    1. Thanks Brian, yes the Fuji GF670 is a great camera especially if you like the medium format resolution and like to travel with the camera. The M6 is a reliable workhorse camera if you prefer 35mm (and if you need to shoot in low light as you can use a fast f1.4 lens). Thanks for the kind words and I think you will enjoy either camera. Matt

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  4. Hi Matt!
    I’m in between a Mamiya 6 and a Gf670. I already have a Hassie 503 cx for close ups but i’m looking for something fast for street.
    In 35mm i use a leica m7 so I love rangefinders.

    Thanks for your help and btw I love your page!!

    1. Hi Felipe, thanks for the kind words. I’m loving the GF670 more today than ever but the Ma6 is also good and potentially tougher (and can change lens). For speed and moving on the street i’d say Mamiya for build but that’s just me.. Yes with you, I love RF! 🙂 Cheers

      1. Thanks for your answer Matt!
        If you have to recommend me only one camera between GF670 or Mamiya 6, which one should i choose? Only considering your parameters and experience! 🙂

      2. Hi Felipe, The GF670 gives much sharper images to my eyes. I would only use Mamiya 6 if I needed a more rugged camera (see my instagram). I just took in trip. It still makes great photos no question. Cheers Matt

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