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Late to the party I know!.. here is an article I wrote last year but didn’t quite finish – My Godox AD200 Review:

Godox AD200 Review - Creative Lighting - Leica Portrait B&W girl

Looking for an affordable high power flash?!  – Meet the Godox AD200

Are you looking for a high power portable strobe for location work that packs down as small as a speedlight and needs no additional battery pack?  Meet the Godox AD200 light. My Godox lighting solution for overseas photoshoots where I travel with only cabin luggage. Here I compare it to the Godox TT350, Godox V850 II and Godox AD360, all of which I use with my Leica cameras (and other film cameras).

Leica CL + Elmar 135mm

Leica CL + Noctilux Portrait

Godox AD200 Flash – Why I bought one!

This is the new Godox light that I bought ahead of my model photography trip to Poland.  The Godox AD200 is powerful enough for fashion photography on the beach yet small enough to fit in my carry on luggage for when I work overseas.

Godox Ving V850 vs AD200

The reason I found the Godox AD200 light attractive is because of the option for an open bulb light similar to the Godox AD360 that I use.  Unlike a standard speedlight head the open bulb design sprays light in all directions filling a softbox or umbrella more evenly that a flat fronted standard speedlight head.  The Godox Ving V850 and Ving V850 II that I have are both great lights using lithium batteries instead of 4x AA. 

Leica M8 + Noctilux

The problem with the Ving V850/ V850II is that the light modifiers I use (excluding a few small umbrellas) don’t fit in my cabin bag.  I have a nice Godox rapid box / umbrella box but it only fits the open bulb design Godox lights (AD180, AD360, AD200).

Nikon F5 B&W Fashion

Godox AD200 vs AD360

I have a Godox AD180 and a Godox AD360. Both lights have the open bulb design and both have separate power packs.  The additional power pack makes these lights quite bulky to travel with.  Due to their size I also mount them in a Godox Bowen S mount bracket which adds more bulk and weight to the setup.  I love these lights for seemingly endless power, especially for wedding photography lighting. For my overseas trips however I find them too big to carry. 

Hasselblad 500 Portrait

As mentioned, my smallest nice light modifier is a Godox rapid box design mini umbrella box which also works as a beauty dish.  It mounts directly onto the open bulb of the Godox AD180/ AD360/ AD200 system but is not compatible with standard speedlights/ Godox speedlights.  The Godox AD-200 gives me a light similar in shape and size to a standard speedlight yet the same power output of 3 normal speedlights.  It fits in my travel bag and can mount directly to a light stand so requires minimal additional brackets (less to carry). 

Godox AD200 Review

Both the Godox AD360 and AD200 will do a similar job with the AD360 having a bit more power output.  The main advantage of the Godox AD200 for me is size.  The Godox AD360 requires you to carry yet more additional reflectors and light modifiers if you want a beam of light rather than an open spread from the bare bulb.  The Godox reflector head that comes with the Godox AD360 allows more control of the light output but again adds to the bulk of the Godox lighting system when using a Godox AD180 or AD360 flash.  The Godox AD200 with the standard speedlight head attached provides a tighter beam of light without needing to carry additional equipment.

Leica CL + M lenses

Godox TT350 vs AD200

You would probably never compare these two lights but as I have both I will.  If you need the smallest lightest Godox light kit for travel or to mount on top of a Leica camera get a Godox TT350.  I use a pair of Godox TT350s to add a pop of light when working in low light situations.  (I used them for my Budapest model trip last September). 

Godox TT350 lights take 2x AA batteries and are perfect size for an on camera flash for small cameras such as a Leica M or Leica CL. I use them as both on camera flash and off camera flash. I also use the Godox TT350 on camera to trigger larger Godox lights like the AD360 and AD200 from my Leica camera hot shoe. I tend to avoid on camera flash but the Godox TT350 can be useful for weddings when they provide ‘backup’ light on camera yet also trigger the lights off camera (best of both).  If you need a larger off camera flash (only) that has a higher power output and option of open bulb design, get the Godox AD200 instead.

Leica Elmar 135mm Portrait

13 Advantages of the Godox AD200 vs Yongnuo/ other standard speedlights

  1. AD200 gives 3x more power output than a standard speedlight
  2. Similar compact design to a normal speedlight
  3. Lithium battery vs 4x AA batteries give faster recycle time and life
  4. Bare bulb design option (clip on bare bulb head) for even fill light
  5. Can also operate as standard speedlight with normal reflector head design (clip on head) to help provide a tighter beam of light
  6. 3.5mm jack port for using pc sync cable (good if use old cameras!)
  7. Multiple screw mount sockets to mount AD200  directly to a light stand
  8. AD200 compatible with all Godox AD180/ AD360 light modifiers
  9. Compatible with standard speedlight light modifiers 
  10. AD200 compatible with other Godox wireless flash units that can be used as a trigger (Ving V850II and TT350 of those mentioned)
  11. Built in LED low power model light – to help light a dark scene
  12. Optional Godox AD200 LED head attachment available (to use as a video light)
  13. Godox accessories available to use the AD200 as a power pack to power a separate lightweight head unit attached via a cable

Leica CL + Summicron 50

Godox AD200 light modifiers / Godox AD200 accessories x11 (+ for the AD360)

  1. Godox rapid box / umbrella box / Beauty dish (in 1)
  2. Silver reflector head
  3. Wide reflector to use with umbrella (to reduce light spill)
  4. Godox round diffuser dome (white)
  5. Standard snoot
  6. Narrow snoot
  7. Godox bulb protector
  8. AD200 LED video light head
  9. Godox barn doors with colour gel kit
  10. Grids to control light spill
  11. NEW! Godox H200R round head attachment (like Profoto)

Zeiss Biogon 25mm

Godox AD200 trigger?  Compatible triggers x4

  1. Godox XT-16 wireless flash trigger
  2. Godox X1T wireless flash trigger
  3. Godox TT350 flash
  4. Godox Ving V850II flash

*It’s worth noting that I use Nikon version Godox triggers to work on my Leica cameras.  I’m not sure if Canon and other versions will work too.

Hasselblad 645 Portrait

Godox wireless trigger not compatible with AD200

  1. Godox FT-16 wireless flash trigger

I was disappointed that the Godox FTR-16 433MHz USB port legacy flash receiver will not work with the Godox AD200 flash. The Godox FTR16 receiver does work with the Godox Ving V850 II flash making it compatible with either FT-16 or XT-16 triggers which is helpful.

Leica M3 Film Camera

2 Godox AD200 – Power up! Shoot in them in pairs!

If you need more power than the output of of 1x Godox AD200 light  then you can get the bracket that mounts 2x AD200 units in a standard Bowen S mount bracket.  Using 2x AD200 at half power will give a faster flash recycle time than one unit ran at full power. It also gives the option of both units at full power if you are using a large light modifier and need a high power output. Perhaps something like a Broncolor Para 88 (parabolic umbrella). (An awesome light mod ..but then if you had that much money to spend then you would probably be using different lights too! Profoto!?)

Leica CL Portrait with 50mm f1 Noctilux

Profoto B10 vs Godox AD200 flash

If you are like me you probably lust after the Profoto lights. I remember the Profoto B1 release and it seemed to tick all my boxes without the wire distractions of the Godox AD360.  When the wire free Godox AD200 flash arrived it seemed to offer me much of what he Profoto unit offered but for much less money.  The Profoto B10 is a newer design of the B1 and is even more comparable to the Godox AD200 (especially if you fit the Godox H200R round head to the AD200 (see below for more). 

When I do wedding photography or blue sky day high power flash photography the Godox AD200 gives me the power I need in a compact setup.  I’ve managed to resist the Profoto lights so far but they are nice!  For the majority of photographers the Godox AD200 should be able to provide much of what the Profoto B10 offers and the money saved can be invested into a nice lens instead.

Leica Summicron 28mm Portrait

How I use my Godox AD200 flash

1. Godox AD200 softbox (60×060) setup (UK photo shoots only)

When I am not limited by cabin bag capacity I use the Godox AD200 flash with the open bulb head into a Godox 60×60 softbox or a large umbrella (most commonly)

2. Godox rapid box + AD200 (Overseas photo shoots)

When I was in Poland I used the Godox rapid box/ beauty dish light modifier setup.  A rapid box provides a more compact kit yet still offers a nice soft quality of light (if used close to the model).

3. Godox AD200 bare bulb

Regardless of where I am I use the Godox AD200 bare bulb mode to bounce light off a wall as a soft fill light.  This is especially handy for event photography such as weddings to spray light around the room.

4. Magmod kit + Godox AD200

If I want a controlled spot of light I use a Magmod magnetic grid onto the standard Godox AD200 reflector head.  The Magmod gives a smaller setup for travel than using studio reflectors and grids.


5. Godox AD200 round head diffuser dome

For wedding photography I find the white Godox round head diffuser dome the best lighting solution. The dome attachment gives a similar quality of light to a white shoot through umbrella yet doesn’t blow over in the wind!  The diffuser dome also helps protect the bare bulb if it was to be knocked over. (I’ve used the dome for the last 3 years on my Godox AD360, AD180 and now on the Godox AD200 flash).

6. Godox AD200 modeling light

If you shoot with fast lens (small f stop) like the Leica Noctilux 50mm f1 or Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH the Godox AD200 modeling light provides enough light to illuminate a face for portrait work.  It is also great when working in low light with strobes to light the model so it is possible to focus accurately prior to pressing the shutter/ the flash firing.

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm 1.4

Behind the scenes video including Godox AD200

Godox AD200 portraits

Mamiya RZ 645 Back

Leica Fashion

Nikon F5 B&W Portrait

Digital Leica CL Portrait

Noctilux Portrait

Leica CL + Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5

Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 ASPH

More Godox AD200 sample photos – colour

Leica CL Colours

Leica CL + Voigtlander 35mm Color Skopar

Leica Summicron 90mm Portrait

Leica M240 + 35mm

Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5

Leica CL + Summicron 50 DR

Godox AD200 Review – Conclusion

I was an early adopter of Godox lights ever since they hit the UK 5+ years ago.  I have quite a few Godox lights now but I think the AD200 strikes the perfect balance between a portable studio light and a speedlight.  I use the Godox AD200 in the studio mixing it with studio lights as well as out on location.

Leica M8 Photoshoot

Links to some of the mentioned Godox kit I use

Tamron 45mm Portrait

New! Godox H200R Round Flash Head for Godox

It took me so long to get round to posting this article that Godox have now released their new Godox H200R round flash head to fit the AD200.  This allows the Godox AD200 to complete with the round head Profoto A1 AirTTL flash, but at a fraction of the price.  (The Profoto A1 is more like a Godox Ving V850 II design but with the Godox H200R round head available for the AD200 if you need a visual).  *There is actually a new Godox clone of the Profoto A1 which is a standard speedlight design but with a round head called a Godox V1 TTL.  I’ve not tried it but it is basically a Godox Ving V850II with a round head (in very simplified terms).

Summicron 50 Portrait

Godox AD200 – Whats in the box + Spec

Leica Flash Photography Using Godox Lights (Including AD200)

What other Godox lights do I use with my Leicas?

To see the other Godox lights I use with my Leica  cameras (and other brand) see my Photography Lighting Kit article – HERE

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Godox AD200 Portrait

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  1. Hi Matthew, thank you for all the excellent information! I have an M9 and an Godox XT1 (F from my Fuji times) as trigger. While the trigger works with my Godox studio lights (excellent!), the trigger does not really fit well into the M9 flash shoe. There is a little screw on the M9 flash shoe which prohibits the trigger to enter fully into the shoe. So it’s a wiggly affair… did you encounter that problem?

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      Hi David, try to get a XT16 trigger.. I have the X1 but they are too big for Leica so I tend to use the on other bodies (medium format film etc).

    1. matthewosbornephotography

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