Ilford Delta 400 Review (120 Ilford Delta film)

A mini article / Ilford Delta 400 review after shooting my few first rolls of Delta 400 film.  These rolls of film had been kindly gifted to me by someone on Facebook  (part of a larger film batch).  It was expired Delta 400 film but I still love the results!

Expired Ilford Delta 400 film

I was recently gifted a mixed batch of unrefrigerated expired camera film and some of the rolls were medium format 120 Ilford Delta 400 film dating back to 2006.  I thought I would try a shooting a few rolls to see how I got on.  I decided to expose the first film at  400@200 and developed in Rodinal.  Some of the photos were a little dark so for the next roll I exposed at 400@100.  Here are the results from recent model photography shoots in my Coventry studio. Cameras including my Mamiya 645 Super, Mamiya RZ 67 and 4×5 large format Pacemaker Speed Graphic with a 120 roll film back.

Ilford Delta 400 Flickr Portraits

Ilford Delta 400 120 + Mamiya 645 Super + Vega 28 MC 120mm f2.8 (Freelensing)

Model – Tegan (400@200)

Expired 120 Ilford Delta 400

Freelensing Mamiya 645 Super

Expired B&W Film

Vega 28 + Mamiya 645 Super

Expired Ilford Film

Mamiya 645 Super Freelensing

Ilford Delta 400 + Mamiya RZ67 Pro II  + Mamiya Sekor 110mm f2.8 + RZ 6×6 Film Back

Model – Charlotte (400@100)

Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii 6x6 Film

Mamiya RZ 6x6 Film

Mamiya RZ 67 6x6

Mamiya RZ 6X6 Back

Pacemaker Speed Graphic (4×5) + Kodak Aero Ektar 178mm f2.5 + Horseman 120 6×7 Roll Film Back + Ilford Delta 400 film

Model – Harriet (400@100)

Kodak Aero Ektar Portrait

4x5 Speed Graphic Portrait

Kodak Aero Ektar on Speed Graphic

4X5 Film - Speed Graphic

The next expired film I tried was 2006 C41 black and white film 35mm Kodak BW400CN in Rodinal.. coming next.

Big thanks again to Richard who gifted this film to me!

Ilford Delta 400 vs 100 film

If you want to compare the results of Ilford Delta 400 vs 100 film check out my Ilford Delta 100 blog post.

Ilford Delta 400 Review Summary

I really liked the results of Ilford Delta 400 film which was not a surprise as I love Ilford Delta 100!  Kodak TMax 400 film for me offers the fine grain 400 speed film option so I tend to use TMax 400 more regularly.  Why?  I am more comfortable/ confident at pushing TMax films in low light.

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