Mamiya RZ67 6×6 Back (RZ67 Film Back)

A treated myself to a Mamiya RZ67 6×6 back!

Mamiya RZ67 6×6 Back

I finally got around to using my Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II medium format film camera more and that gave me chance to try the 6×6 RZ67 film back I had bought a while ago.  I do like the 6×6 format and that was partly the reason why I bought my Rolleiflex SL66E.  As the shutter is jammed on the Rollieflex SL66 I thought I would dig out the Mamiya RZ67 to use instead.  As much as I like 35mm film photography using my trusty Leica M3 (and Leica M2) film cameras, medium format film takes it to the next level.

Here are some sample images.  When taking all off my many cameras into consideration I can’t think of many that can match the image resolution achieved with the Mamiya Sekor 110mm f2.8 lens (and also Mamiya Sekor 65mm f4 lens).  All photos here with the 110/2.8 lens which I tend to leave on the Mamiya RZ.

6×6 RZ67 Film Back Portraits!

Photos taken with Mamiya RZ67 ProII + 110mm f2.8 lens + 6×6 back

Mamiya RZ67 Portrait 6x6

Mamiya RZ 67 + 6x6 RZ Film Back

Mamiya RZ 6x6 Film Back

Mamiya RZ + 6x6 Film Back

6X6 Film Street Photography

London Tourists

Mamiya RZ67 6x6

120 Ilford FP4+ 6x6

More recent RZ 6×6 samples to follow when I share the “Ilford Delta 400 film” post

Size wise the Mamiya RZ67 is not a convenient as my small Leica film cameras but it does let me focus much closer for my portraits.  Now that I use the Pacemaker Speed Graphic and Sinar F2 4×5 large format film cameras the Mamiya RZ suddenly seems so much more portable.  I always use the RZ67  handheld but I know others prefer to use a tripod / monopod.

YouTube: Mamiya RZ67 Portraits

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6 thoughts on “Mamiya RZ67 6×6 Back (RZ67 Film Back)”

  1. Hi Matt,

    I used the RZ 25 years ago for commercial work and as you have found its a lovely camera.

    I used to swop cameras a bit at the time, like you enjoy doing. I went from the Rolleiflex TLR to the Mamiya 330F, Mamiya RB76, Bronica ETRS, Bronica SQA, Bronica SQAM, Mamiya RZ67, Hassleblad CM, Hassleblad ELM and finally the Hassleblad SWA and for 5×4 work The Sinar P2

    Reading your posts tempts me so much to get a film camera again, keep it up

    1. Hi and thanks. Yes I juggle various cameras, RZ, 645 Super, 670, Rollei SL66E, Sinar F2, Speed Graphic and then 35mm stuff. Mamiya gear is relatively cheap now so you might be pleasantly surprised if you wanted to get back into it. I looked at Hassy but decided I preferred the SL66E as can focus closer + tilt. Cheers

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