Mamiya RZ67 Photos – Model Photography

Matthew Osborne Photography / Mr Leica

Mamiya RZ67 Photos – Medium format film photography model shoot with Nella and my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. For this shot I used the Mamiya Sekor 65mm f4 WA lens which is super sharp. No sharpening needed in PP.

Photo is a Epson V600 scan of the Kodak TMax 400 negative home developed in a brew of 3:1 Xtol and Rodinal at 20 degrees standing for 23 minutes without agitation.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II Camera

The medium format Mamiya RZ67 film camera is currently my go to camera for any key shots whether wedding photography or model photography. My Nikon D800 gets the rest and light meters for the Mamiya.

Here more Mamiya RZ67 photos with Nella:
Film Fashion Photography
Mamiya RZ67 Fashion Photography

Some shots taken with Agnieszka:
Mamiya RZ67 Kodak Tmax Portrait
Mamiya RZ67 Fashion
Kodak T-Max 100 film
Model Photography on Film
Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
Evening Stroll
Film is NOT Dead! :)

YouTube: Mamiya RZ67 Portraits & Review

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8 thoughts on “Mamiya RZ67 Photos – Model Photography”

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  3. Thanks Gunston, Yes medium format is very rewarding and the camera gear is pretty cheap nowadays too. I wish the Mamiya RZ was a Little smaller so I could take it on trips but the 6×6 ARAX-CM (Kiev 88) fits the bill so I take that instead.

  4. Great black and white! Was curious about your 3:1 xtol to Rodinal. Are you diluting at all or is it full strength each part? I’d like to give it a try. You ever try this soup for 35mm and/or any other emulsions, or only t-max 400 in 120? Thanks.

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