Digital Photography Workflow

Digital Workflow

Digital Photography Workflow

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People have asked me several times on Flickr what is my digital photography workflow.  Here it is but I think you might be disappointed as there is no magic bullet answer!

The process applies to any digital camera;  Leica M9, Leica M Typ 240 or Nikon D800.


  • Firstly, capture photos in RAW format in camera
  • Remove SD card from camera and copy images to external hard drive via the PC
  • Import all images into Adobe Lightroom 5
  • Apply sharpening,  colour and contrast adjustments manually to one image
  • Copy adjustments made to the one photo across all images (synchronize settings)
  • Review each image for exposure and adjust as needed until happy
  • Export all images reduced size with watermark logo applied on export (for model)
  • For images of interest export full size watrmark free and open image in Photoshop
  • Apply border and add a watermark
  • Add additional contrast adjustment layers until happy with the tones
  • Dodge and burn parts of the image if needed such as the eyes
  • Clone out any obvious pimple or blemish if required
  • Export image and upload to Flickr

That is my usual process for 95% of the images I take.  I don’t use presets, plugins or apply excessive airbrushing or smoothing.

Wedding Photography vs Model Photography

For wedding photography editing I upload all the images to Lightroom as described but then I only select the images I want to keep before I start editing.  Documentary style (“photojournalism”) wedding photography happens with minimal interuption in an fluid and often uncontrolled environment.  As such so not every image is a keeper so it takes times to go through all the photos.

My model photography editing is the opposite and much faster.  I control every last detail; the pose, the lighting, the timing, the location, the clothing, the makeup, the expression and even the model selection.  I don’t press the shutter until I am happy with the photo and as such I don’t have to delete many images. Some photographers only give models a hand full of images for their time.  If models receive all the photos they can select their favourites rather than just the ones I like.

Sorry if you expected something more complicated!

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