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Leica SL Colours
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  • August- Recap
  • August 2021 YouTube Videos
  • UK Workshops
  • Overseas Workshops
  • Patreon – Zoom Calls & More
  • September – Coming up!

August – Recap

If I could sum up August in one sentence i’d say – complete lack of models and lots of 1:1 London workshops. It seems models enjoyed their food over lockdown a little more than they wanted too! So many times I am contacting existing models friends and they tell me sorry they got fat. Doh!

This resulted in very few photo shoots in Coventry but I managed to find a few girls in London to model for the workshop days I ran. I need models to test lenses and cameras so it’s starting to prove a little difficult!

Sometimes I wonder if I should mix my service as a photographer with also being a PT (personal trainer)! I run with one of my model friends twice as week and she’s now up to 9 mile distance in one run quite easily, and looks the best she’s ever looked (in the 7 years or so i’ve known her).

I have started to test lenses just by walking around cities so I guess that will give a more balanced review of what the lenses can do but as you know my core work is portraiture. (I really miss my overseas models!)(Hope to travel as soon as I can).

The August workshops were a great success from the feedback I received. Everyone booked a follow up day(s) and I’m meeting some really amazing individuals. I love the teaching aspect of photography mixed with model photography so I hope I can continue to grow this side of my work. (My parents were both teachers so perhaps it’s in the blood!)

August was also my first month where I held two group Zoom calls on Patreon. The face to face “chat cameras over a beer/ coffee” type interactive meeting and my first seminar meet where I teach on a particular photography topic. I need to get better at time management but otherwise I am looking forward to the same in September! If you are interested see Patreon where I will announce September Zoom dates soon.

August 2021 YouTube Videos

After falling off the wagon over the summer I’m almost back to posting 2 new full YouTube videos a week. I’m also trying to post some short 1 minute YouTube videos as these are currently being pushed by YouTube. They are called “YouTube Shorts” and are similar to popular short stories on Instagram reels and TikTok.

New YouTube Shorts!

My idea is to use these new YT Shorts for (1) quick product A vs product B comparisons, (2) super short video topics or (3) highlights from old videos to raise awareness. If they don’t work out at least I tried it! Here is a sample –

Below is a catch up of all the full length August YouTube videos if you missed them.

Can You Help Me

Have you Subscribed to my YouTube yet and turned on your notifications!? I know you must get really sick of hearing every YouTuber mention it constantly but sadly it’s a necessary evil as it turns the cogs of the YouTube algorithm. It makes the difference between a video getting shown to more people or not. YouTube tells us publishers the data and after August it said “video view as normal but subscribers down 25% verses previous months”.

While I have my pathetic begging bowl out, if you can click the “LIKE” button on any videos you enjoyed watching that helps more than you could ever imagine! (Now I understand quite how important likes and subs are to the success of a YouTube channel I always leave likes on videos I enjoy watching from others).

Why does this matter to you? The idea is, if I can grow the channel I can attract bigger brands and more opportunities resulting in more new camera and lens reviews, comparison testing so you then know what gear you may want to buy.


August YouTube Videos Catch-up:

Pimp your Godox AD200 with the H200R + AK-R1

I’ve really enjoyed getting more from my Godox AD200 with these Godox accessories. They let me get more creative with my lighting and all in a very portable light mod setup.

Find on Amazon: Godox H200R (UK)(US) / Godox AK-R1 (UK)(US)

Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5 VM II

Finally I share my thoughts on the new Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5 II lens. A strong performer in a tiny package and much cheaper than a Summilux. Well done Voigtlander for yet another amazing lens!

If you live in the UK you can get 5% off the list price of all Voigtlander lenses using the discount code “MRLEICA” at

Can also find the lens on Amazon if outside the UK: Amazon COM

Large Format Photography

Another very overdue video! Finally I introduce my three 4×5 cameras, an Intrepid 4×5, Sinar F2 monorail camera and a modified Pacemaker Speed Graphic with an Aero Ektar 178mm f2.5 lens. Have you ever tried large format photography!?

Mr Leica Workshop results in a Fuji vs Leica shootout!

Vishal attended one of my 1:1 London Leica photography workshops with an interest in seeing how Leica gear compared to Fuji. I supplied Leica M lenses and Leica R lenses to test with and also my new Leica SL camera.

Spoiler alert! Vishal loved the SL. Check used Leica SL Prices: (US) (UK)

10 Simple Money Saving Tips (That help my buy Leica cameras!)

People often tell me “Leica are too expensive” or “Did you win the lottery”. The truth is if you work hard and save money in other areas of your life anyone can afford a Leica camera (even if not the latest flagship model*). What many people don’t realise is you can buy cheap Leica too if you know what to look for!

Film is too expensive? Get an Olympus Pen F and 72 shots/roll!

Would you shoot film more if it was cheaper? With the Olympus Pen F half frame camera you get 72+ photos per 36 exposure roll of film! 50% cheaper!

Check latest Pen F prices on eBay: (UK) (US)

FujiFilm GF670 – Optically the best medium format camera?

This is another very overdue video! I finally share what I think is optically my best medium format camera and if offers 6×6 and 6×7 AND is not much bigger than a Leica M camera!

Check latest Fuji GF670 prices on eBay: (UK) (US)

UK Workshops

Now lockdowns have eased in the UK it has been full steam ahead for teaching 1-to-1 photography workshops again. I teach basic to advanced level photography to anyone with a camera. That said, students are often either Leica photographers and trying to get more from their cameras, film photographers trying to master their latest film camera/ film or anyone wanting to try model photography. We sometimes do street photography too so I tailor it to your needs.

  • August 2021 – London & Birmingham 1:1 workshops – Complete
  • September 2021 – London 1:1 workshop – 1 Space remaining
  • October 2021 – London & Birmingham 1:1 workshops – 2 Spaces remaining

See workshop prices and testimonials on the blog

Overseas Workshops

I’m very aware many of you are overseas and quite a few in both Germany and the US that I speak to. If I can get enough people from one country looking for 1:1 workshops I can look to fly to your country and do a mini road trip to see as many of you as I can. If you are interested in me flying to you please get in touch so I have an idea of numbers. (I’ve had a request to teach in Istanbul and the Netherlands so those might be happening!)

The other option is do as some others do and fly into London and I’ll meet you there. The advantage of meeting you in your city is (1) you don’t need to travel (2) I will give you model contacts in your city that you can keep in touch with after I leave. This has worked well for photographers in the past. The flipside of that is if you rather come to London you get the excuse for a holiday!

Patreon – New features

Zoom Call Helpline Service!

I’m starting to do more 1:1 Zoom calls as people pro-actively ask for my assistance. I help fellow photographers around the world with camera and lens purchases (especially) but also help with other topics such as film developing, lighting, film camera issues. Get in touch via Patreon if you need my assistance.

Monthly Zoom Call Group Face-to-Face Meet ~30mins

On the Patreon platform £5+ tier members now meet for a monthly call to chat all things photography and to learn from each other. Dates are announced on Patreon, normally a Wednesday evening UK time. Join us! We also have our own private Facebook group that you can be part of.

Monthly Zoom Call Seminar (Listen In) ~30mins

On the Patreon platform £3+ tier members can now dial in for a monthly call to hear me talking on a specific photography topic. I will share all I know on a specific subject and different to the gear reviews on YouTube. Dates are announced on Patreon, normally a Wednesday evening UK time.

Patreon Extras

For access to 150+ additional post, 18+ images, photobooks and more sign up to Patreon.


September – Coming Up

September is already looking exciting with multiple planned videos in the pipeline that I think might be interesting. Hopefully you will see me “step up my game” with the product reviews on YouTube. After having a “light bulb moment” I can now show comparison results much better than I’ve done previously. All that to come!

YouTube video – spotlight (1 of the videos coming soon!)

I can confirm that I have a new lens from Voigtlander to share with you and I will compare to a previous version AND the Leica alternative. More testing to be done and then I can put the video together. Out soon!

Travel update

Travel prospects are still looking bleak for the next month or so but hopefully I can still hit the road with my cameras before the end of the year! (This includes workshops and model shoots in Europe as well as getting to explore some new places).

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  1. Wow … nice newsletter … you have been very busy in August and thanks for sharing all your work and knowledge… it is really a pleasure to watch your video and learn from your advices… If you travel to Paris … give me a shout so we will meet IRL.

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Jerome! Very kind of you. Yes I definitely need to visit you in Paris. I’m hoping travel restrictions will ease soon! Speak to you on Patreon. Thanks Matt

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