Leica EVF - Olympus VF-2

Leica EVF-2 vs Olympus VF-2 (Why you need one!)

Yes when comparing the Leica EVF-2 vs Olympus VF-2 I realise I am around 5 years late to this topic. Better late than never I say and it is just as relevant now as it was back then. In this review I look at the benefits an EVF (electronic viewfinder) will give you if you use a Leica M240 camera. *If you now use a Leica M10 camera this video still applies but you will need the specific Leica Visoflex “Typ 020” version instead.

Leica EVF - Olympus VF-2
Olympus VF-2 on my Leica M240 camera

Electronic viewfinder for your Leica M240 camera

When it comes to getting an Leica M240 EVF there are two options –

  • Leica EVF-2
  • Olympus VF-2

Both units are said to be identical and as I read it both EVF are many by Epson. It just depends what name you want on the front.

EVF Prices

The Leica EVF-2 and Olympus VF-2 are both still available new on Amazon or used on eBay. I bought my Olympus VF-2 EVF on eBay used to get a great price.

Here are some links if you are looking to buy one –


7 Benefits of having an EVF on your digital Leica M

*This holds true whether it is the mentioned Leica M240 EVF options or the Leica Visoflex Typ 020 for the Leica M10.

  1. Focus non-rangefinder coupled lenses on your M camera. This could be the amazing Leica R lenses or any third party lens such as those made by Nikon, Canon, Minolta etc. You just need the correct adapter to mount theses lenses to Leica M.
  2. Accurately focus “non-calibrated” rangefinder lenses on your M camera. A good example of this is some Soviet and Russian rangefinder lenses do not focus accurately on a Leica M body via the RF but are fine with the EVF.
  3. Use rangefinder coupled lenses on your M camera at distances closer than 0.7m. Some lenses made by Zeiss and Voigtlander for example can focus as close as 0.5m if you use the EVF. (With the optical rangefinder they only focus to 0.7m).
  4. Compose wide angle lenses via the EVF when the lens is wider than the 28mm frameline. Common examples might be a 15mm or 21mm lens. These both normally require an additional external hotshoe optical viewfinder to compose.
  5. Focus long lenses easily using an EVF on your M camera. If you use a 135mm lens for example it is much easier to focus with an EVF. The 135mm frameline is very small in the camera viewfinder window so composition and focusing can be less accurate.
  6. Focus fast lenses easier and more accurately. Lenses like the Leica Noctilux 50mm f1, 75mm APO and 90 f2 are all easier to critically focus with an EVF as you can zoom in to focus.
  7. For anyone that focuses their Leica M lenses via the LCD normally, the EVF can also help. In bright conditions it is much easier to see the image via the EVF than on the LCD itself.

Leica EVF cameras

Another option is to just buy a digital Leica mirrorless camera. These cameras offer the same EVF benefits as those listed above plus many more on top. Two great examples are the –

YouTube: Why you need an EVF for your Leica M!

Photos taken with the Olympus VF-2 on the M240

Leica M240 + Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 ASPH
Olympus VF-2 on Leica M240

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