Leica Q2 review

Leica Q2 Review (+ Leica Q vs Q2)

To compliment my Leica Q and Leica Q2 reviews on YouTube here is a short written article including example photos from both cameras. Links to the YouTube videos also included.

Comparing the Leica Q2 vs Leica Q

Since the release of the new Leica Q2 camera in 2019 I was interested to see how the images compared to the original Leica Q. Having worked with Leica UK Mayfair store before I was able to arrange a Leica camera test in London. Thank you Leica! Next I organised some agency models and then we were all set. (See below for the resulting photos).

Camera Specs – Leica Q2 vs Leica Q

If you are looking for a detailed Leica Q2 vs Leica Q camera specs guide there are a few well known websites already geared up for that. Below are a few of the key improvements/ facts about the Q2 verses the original Q. The notable changes are the Leica Q2 now comes with an impressive 47MP CMOS sensor and has a much improved battery capacity. The Q2 camera retains the same impressive Leica Summilux 28mm f1.7 ASPH lens and at first glance looks very similar in it’s design.


Portrait photography with the Leica Q2

As a UK portrait photographer when it comes to testing cameras I test them as if this was my main digital camera. By that I mean shoot portraits! The fixed 28mm Summilux lens of the Leica Q2 is probably not deemed an ideal focal length for photographing people. I say this as wide lenses such as 28mm can easily add distortion to an image. If you then photograph people up close with a wide lens as I do this can magnify that effect.

Camera test: Leica Q2 portrait images vs Leica Q

As I had the opportunity to test both the Leica Q2 camera and the older Leica Q I thought it might be nice to do a comparison. The plan was to take two sets of similar looking images with the same model to make it comparable. Here are the resulting images. All photos taken in the street outside the Leica Mayfair store.


Leica Q2 Portraits (Lightroom Edits)


Leica Q Portraits (Lightroom edits)(As Comparison)

Can you tell the difference!? Leica Q vs Q2?

So from these two set of similar images taken during my photo shoot with model Astrid (Bame agency), can you see a notable improvement with the Leica Q2 photos vs the Q?

Lightoom edits (Leica Q Lightroom preset)

All photos were shot in camera RAW mode, imported into Lightroom and my MrLeica Leica Q B&W preset applied. (I adjusted exposure if needed on a few of the photos but otherwise they are as shot). (*Reduced size for web viewing).

Edits for Flickr (Full resolution)

When I post images to Flickr I normally select a few favourites from those in Lightroom. I then export the full size JPEGs into Photoshop to finish processing. For full resolution example photos see the Leica Q2 portraits embedded below.

Leica Q2 Portrait (28mm Portraits)
Leica Q2 Portrait! (BTS on Patreon)
Leica Q2 Portrait
Leica Q2 Portrait - As seen on YouTube!
Leica Q2 Portrait

2022 Update! I bought the Leica Q camera

YouTube: Leica Q2 (and Leica Q2 vs Leica Q)

Cheap 28mm Lenses for Leica M Cameras

Can’t afford the Leica Q cameras but you like the 28mm focal length? See the Chinese 7Artisans 28mm f5.6 vs TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 lens comparison.


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5 thoughts on “Leica Q2 Review (+ Leica Q vs Q2) + YouTube”

  1. The Q2 images look to have more BG blur. How can this be the case? Otherwise, I can’t tell the difference. Probably need to show a 50mm crop? I actually prefer the Q1 for some reason. I would like to see a color comparison actually. In my head I figured the Q2 would be way better. But going by your post a Q1 for at least a grand less might be good enough.

  2. Matt – do you know if the Q2 fixed the quirk in the Q where if you are using A or P mode and move the shutter speed to underexpose the picture, it is not reflected in the EVF. Meaning it shows NO indication of underexposing (in A and P mode) and the EV meter stays at 0, but the resulting image is underexposed. If i set the same shutter, aperture and ISO values in M mode, the EV meter shows severe underexposure.

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Ron, i’m sorry i’m not a Q expert, maybe a Leica forum could help on this one. I shoot all my cameras in M mode.

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