Leica Q Portrait with Leica Q Preset

Leica Q Lightroom Preset B&W – 28mm Portraits

This is a short article to share my Leica Q portraits from the recent YouTube camera review I did (also embedded). All portrait images were edited with my MrLeica B&W Leica Q Lightroom preset. Examples photos showing the before and after LR preset included below.

Leica Q Lightroom Preset B&W
Leica Q + Leica Q LR Preset B&W + Photoshop to finish

28mm Portraits – Leica Q

When you think of the ideal focal length for portraits the first lens that comes to mind is probably not 28mm. Personally I tend to prefer 50mm for my model portraiture but equally I was interested to see what I could achieve with the Leica Q. Here are a series of photos of the lovely Astrid (Bame agency) during a model test shoot in London. All photos are shot with the Leica Q fixed lens, the Leica Summilux 28mm f1.7 ASPH lens at f1.7.

(Join us on Patreon to see behind the scenes (“BTS”) footage from this model photoshoot and every model session since. You get to see what the models really look like and often get a glimpse of my lighting setup, cameras used, back of camera photo reel preview etc).


MrLeica Leica Q Preset for Lightroom

All the photos shared above are Leica Q RAW files converted to JPEG, reduced size in Lightroom, with my B&W Leica Q Lightroom preset applied. The Leica Q black and white preset is designed to give me images which have that classic Leica look and are influenced by my B&W film photography scans from the Leica M3 and so on. Modern digital sensors cannot replicate film so this is not trying to emulate film but hopefully it gives the images more of the “organic look” that I love.

Leica Q Portrait (From YouTube Video)
Leica Q + Preset + PP to finish

Leica Q Images – Before and After Preset

To help demonstrate the effect of this Leica Q preset here are a series of screenshots from Lightroom showing before and after. On the left is the unedited RAW file, on the right is the final images (*Pre any retouching in Photoshop).

More Leica Q preset example photos to show some variety..

Leica Q LR Preset – Now available to download!

The Leica Q LR preset (B&W) is now available to download from the MrLeica Shop for the usual price of £4.99. If I buy a Leica Q camera in the future I will look to make multiple presets available as I do for the Leica CL, Leica M8 and Leica M240.

YouTube: Leica Q

If you’ve not already seen the video, here is the related YouTube episode for more on the Leica Q camera –

YouTube: Leica Q2

I also tested the Leica Q2 camera. See how it compares to the Leica Q here –


Cheap 28mm Lenses for Leica M Cameras

Video looking at the new 7Artisans 28mm f5.6 vs TTArtisan 28mm f5.6 lens

Additional MrLeica Custom Leica Lightroom Presets:

Thanks to Leica UK

A special thanks to Leica UK and the amazing guys at the Leica Mayfair store on Duke Street, London. They kindly loaned me the Leica Q camera to test. I was interested to see if the Leica Q could offer me something that the Leica CL and Leica M240 can’t.

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