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New Camera!!  Leica M10 vs M240 review + YouTube

Qu. Are you a Leica M8, M9, M240 owner?  Like me are you very tempted by the new slim Leica M10 specs or even the super quiet Leica M10-P?!
>> In this article I summarise 9 major differences between the Leica M10 vs Leica M240, 3 extras features the Leica M10-P offers & explain my new camera decision!

The Leica M10 vs M240 debate!

As a Leica M240 owner currently, I have had my eye on a potential camera upgrade to for a little while now.  I was immediately tempted by the Leica M10 camera when it was first released back in January 2017 and now the new Leica M10-P is here!  I tried to compose a meaningful argument as to why I needed yet another camera. In particular, why I needed another digital Leica that was arguably quite similar to the M240 I already have.

Here is my Leica M10 review / Leica M10-P review vs the Leica M240 when looking to upgrade. (*When I write “Leica M10” below this also relates to the M10-P.  The Leica M10-P specs then includes a few extra new features, 3 of which I listed separately).

Leica M10 Camera 1

Leica M240 vs Leica M10 review

Leica M10 Specs vs M240 Advantages (to me)

1) Leica M10 High ISO – The number one reason I would upgrade is the Leica M10 high ISO for low light photography, espeically wedding photography but also for model photography when I find myself in a dark hotel or apartment overseas.  The high ISO of the M240 goes up to ISO 6400 but the Leica M10 high ISO is 50000!  In real terms the M10 has 2-3 stops more usuable high ISO depending on taste and conditions vs the M240.  This would be gratefully received!

2) Leica M10 Buffering – Another issue I have had with the M240 during wedding photography is buffering / camera lock up while buffering.  The M240 could take 12 JPEGS during continous shooting before buffering / stopping but the new Leica M10 can take 40 JPEG photos before needing to buffer.  I will never need more than that!  (It is worth noting the buffering on the M240 camera is lightningly fast compared to my Leica M8!) 🙂

3) Leica M10 Viewfinder – The new Leica M10 viewfinder is 30% larger so can see more when composing AND it is more magnified making it easier for critical focus (great for when I use the Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.0 for example).  Viewfinder magnification of the M10 is 0.73x vs 0.68x for the M240 (vs 0.91x on the Leica M3 film camera). The new M10 viewfinder design is also better for any Leica photographer wearing glasses as less of the viewfinder view is blocked.  I wear glasses for driving but not for photography so I have no problems using my Leica M240 viewfinder.

4) Leica M10 Wifi – The Leica M10 spec includes built-in WiFi.  This means I can transfer photos straight from my camera to my phone to share images to Instagram / social media without needing a laptop.  When I organise my overseas model photography photo shoots in Poland and Hungary for example, I travel light and without a laptop so this would be a great feature to have.  WiFi would also work well for sharing wedding photos after destination weddings where I am without a computer.

Leica M10 specs vs M240 Disadvantages (to me)

1) Leica M10 Battery – I find the Leica M240 battery life very good and never a concern.  I use two M240 batteries and I have never ran out whether a full day of model photoshoots or an all day Leica wedding.  Sadly the new Leica M10 battery is smaller meaning less photos/ capacity per battery. This would mean I would need to carry two spare batteries instead of one.  The smaller Leica M10 battery size also means I cannot use my existing spare Leica M240 battery.

2) Larger viewfinder – The new Leica M10 spec sees a viewfinder 30% larger than the Leica M 240 viewfinder.  This is great except if you use a Leica M magnifier accessory for the viewfinder like me.  I use a 1.4x viewfinder magnifier on my M240 but this will not fit the Leica M10. I would need to buy a new larger diameter Leica M10 viewfinder magnifier meaning more cost.

3) No video – Unlike the Leica M240 the new Leica M10 now has no video option.  I used video extremely rarely on the M240 but it never hurt me to have it in the camera.  Occasionally it could be fun to have but now on the M10 this is not an option.

A few more differences – Leica M10 vs Leica M240

1) Slimmer – The M10 has a slimmer camera body than the M240,  similar to the Leica film cameras such as a Leica M6.  The  M10 is also very slightly lighter than the M240.  The wider width of the M240 has never bothered me but the new M10 does look good a little slimmed down.

2) ISo Dial – The M10 now has a dedicated ISo dial on the top plate means rather than scrolling through menus on the M240.  It looks good and woudl be well received but it wouldn’t make me buy the camera based on just that.

The new Leica M10-P vs Leica M10 compared

1) Leica M10-P Quieter Shutter – The M10-P has the new quietest Leica M shutter. Great for my Leica wedding photography!

2) Touch Screen – The M10-P now has a touch screen like a smart phone. I think we are all so used to swiping on our phones I think the M10P touchscreen is a nice addition

3) Leica Dot – The Leica M10-P now has a bare screw head showing on the front of the camera  (normally covered by the famous Leica red dot).  I think I prefer it covered up by the Leica logo but I can see why they did it.


Leica M240 vs Leica M10 vs Leica M10-P Price

(Camera body price at date of writing: 25th August 2018, Leica Mayfair London)

  • Used Leica M240 price: £2,850 (My camera value)
  • New Leica M240 price: £5,550
  • Leica M10 price: £5,850 (+£3,000 to upgrade to a M10)
  • Leica M10-P price: £6,500 (+£3,650 to upgrade to a M10-P)
Leica M10 vs M240

Time to hang up the Leica M240

New Camera purchase!

So after much debating and what seems like ages since the Leica M10 camera was first announced, I just bought myself a new digital camera!  I always feel a lot happier buying film cameras as I think I will lose less money if I ever sell them.  That said, the film cameras are generally bought for fun and paid work is normally mostly digital photography.  A new digital camera for me is bought as a tool to get the job done in the best way possible.  I liked the idea of the Leica M10 / M10-P high ISO ability as I found that can be a little limiting with the M240 for Leica weddings.  That was my main wish for my upgrade, better low light capability.

Leica M10 Review  – Conclusion

After considering my above mini Leica M10 review,  the problem have is I didn’t find the list of Leica M10 improvements over the Leica M240 worthy of the £3,000-£3,650 price tag. (Price based on upgrading from my M240 and the used price of my Leica M240).  It was time to look elsewhere for possible new camera options.  I did buy a new camera this week but it wasn’t the camera I expected to buy or had ever considered!  Scary really when I thought of myself as only ever a rangefinder guy.  It’s funny how we can adapt so quickly.

I will get a few more new camera test shots together and share the details soon.  Hopefully tomorrow night or Monday (a public holiday in the UK so I should have more time for blogging).

YouTube – Leica M10 vs Leica M240

Happy Birthday Leica M240! 10 Years old! Should we go back?

Update: Leica SL Review

Need something to complement your Leica M rangefinder camera? I now shoot with a Leica SL camera too!

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Teaser Photo – New camera sample image

Leica CL Portrait

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18 thoughts on “Leica M10 vs M240 Review (12 Differences: M Typ 240 vs M10P)”

  1. Great article! Comparing the Leica M 240 with the Leica M 10. I used to own the M 240, really great camera, now I use a Nikon D850. Always want to go back to Leica, maybe the Leica SL would do better for me and my shooting style. Really interested to see what new digital camera that you got, maybe its a Leica SL 😉

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks mate! Ah it sounds like you like nice cameras too then 🙂 I will try to “reveal” later today or tomorrow! You might be surprised!

      1. I’ll be waiting!! I subscribed already awhile back, so I get your email notifications 🙂 I started with the Leica M8.2, then the M 240, then M9-P, back to M 240, then M-E , lol, had a flirty adventure with SONY ( didnt like it 🙁 both E mount and A mount), now back to Nikon…

      2. matthewosbornephotography

        Ah thanks! It sounds like you’ve had some great cameras! What are you on currently the D850? 🙂

  2. Hi Matt,

    After using the M10-P for a few hours over the weekend and taking a number of test shots between the m10 and my MP240 – I have to say I came to same conclusion as you did, the upgrade was not worth the cost.

    I felt like the ISO was better – but not a big enough jump to justify. This was my main reason for upgrade and it didn’t do enough for me to make the kind of difference I was looking for.

    I loved the ISO dial way more than I thought – I also liked the new attachable EVF a lot for when using my 21mm lens.

    I loved the new shutter sound – it is way quieter.

    The bigger viewfinder is nice too – it was good with my 50mm f1 – but, with the magnifier on the m240 which I also use, it didnt really make a difference. I can still nail the focus with that lens without an m10.

    But, all of these things were not a big enough improvement or change to make my photos better or more enjoyable to take. So I am sticking with the MP240 until the M11 comes out – then I think I will probably be ready to give in.

    So, until then, I feel like I would get a lot more out of spending the money on lenses. Any suggestions? 😉


    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Mike, thanks for confirming my thoughts and for the detail you shared. So what lenses do you already have other than the f1?

  3. I know you favoured the M9, now that you have the M10 for quite a while now.
    Do you favoured one over the other and if you think the M10 is a big improvement over the M9 despite the CCD vs newer CMOS?

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hello, yes when I bought my Leica M240* (not M10) I really struggled with the lifeless CMOS sensor. It took my about 12 months to get used to the look and I developed LR presets to try to make me happy with the images. Later I then also bought a CL which is like a crop sensor M10. The CL sensor is better than the M240 and I pretty much switched to using the CL full time there after. I still keep an M8 for the CCD / film look but it is too slow to use for professional work. So to answer your question I would say look on my Flickr feed at my M9 photos and M240/CL and you decide. CMOS is a smoother flatter look but you can add some punch in post once you have a preset dialed in to your taste. I hope that helps. Matt

      1. I couldn’t put into words what the M9 have more, I think it is the white balance that is better.
        Colour is more saturated in M240, but I am convinced now M9 is the one to go since there is nothing like it in the market, and better save the money for a Nikon or something if there are other needs.

        Thanks for your insight.

      2. matthewosbornephotography

        Yes it will certainly give you a different look to the mass market, saturated and higher contrast. It sounds like you have a plan! Enjoy it! 🙂

      3. I also recently picked up a digital CL, didn’t really like the 8.2m. I was apprehensive with a crop sensor, but I am continuously amazed at the IQ! I also have an M4 and Sony 7R4. I am using the 18-56tl, 35 summicron asph i, 28 elmarit viii, 40 rokkor-m, 90 rokkor-m, 55 7 1.5 7artisans, 35 3.5 nikkor-w, 21 3.4 SA, and 50 summitar/elmar for the Leicas and having a blast. I am also looking at the 50 DR and possibly a 240m in the future.

      4. matthewosbornephotography

        Great lens collection! See my YouTube channel for the DR, I posted a video on it yesterday! 🙂 My M240 is still my FF digital Leica camera.

  4. Great images by the way! I’ve photographed some maxim and a pageant winner in glamour/fashion, however I wished I did it regularly to continue to get better! Awesome inspiration! My Hasselblads and Rolleiflexes see a lot less usage currently. That CL is daily company.

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks SC.. with Maxim and pageant winners you sound a good contact to have ha. I’m always looking for new talent to photo! Yes my Hassy H2 (especially) and new TLRs are dying to get out and shoot some models!! Soon! 🙂 .. I will share on YouTube when I do.

  5. Daniel Handojo

    Hi, i currently own a m240 and planning to sell it to upgrade to the m10. i mainly use it for daily carry camera paired with my 35mm summicron. and im planning to just use the m10 for the rest of my life and wouldnt want to sell it. if thats the case do u still cant justify the upgrade? im happy to hear your opinion on this, thank you!

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Daniel, digital cameras continue to evolve so it’s hard to imagine a camera for life (unlike film cameras where you can say that). If you need slightly smaller body, better high ISO and the other features the M10 gives then yes it is probably a good upgrade but as cameras continue to improve I don’t think it will be the last camera. I do like buying older models as the drop in value of a 6-7 year old camera is much slower per year. I now love my Leica SL for this reason but I still have M240 for street + CL.

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