Leica Summicron 50mm Review, Photos & YouTube

A short Leica Summicron 50mm review (v5 version*) + lots of sample photos/ portraits + YouTube review comparing the modern Summicron to the DR lens.

Leica Summicron 50 by MatthewOsbornePhotography_

Leica Summicron 50mm Portraits

Sample images using the Summicron 50mm v5 on my Leica M9:

Leica Cron 50

Leica Summicron 50mm f2 v5

Summicron 50

Leica Summicron 50mm f2

Leica Summicron


Summicron 50mm f2 Sample Photos

Merry Christmas!

Leica Summicron 50/2

Leica Summicron 50mm f2

Leica Film


Leica Summicron 50 vs Summilux 50 vs Sonnar 50

The Leica Summicron 50mm f2 v5 (“Cron”) is fast becoming my go-to 50mm Leica M mount lens.  It focuses closer than the Zeiss ZM Sonnar 50/1.5 (Cron = ~0.68M / ZM 0.9M) and is lighter and smaller than the Leica Summilux ASPH 50mm f1.4 (“Lux”) lens.  The Lux can be quite clinical in it’s rendering whereas I think the Cron is closer to the Sonnar with more character.    Plenty more testing to be done with each lens but those are my initial findings.

Leica M3 Calibration

Summicron 50mm Review – Summary

After having the Summicron 50mm and Summilux 50mm for more time I tend to use the Summilux for most applications when chosing that focal length.  The Summilux ASPH works better in low light and is more flare resistant than the Cron and is as sharp as I need.

YouTube Review: Leica Summicron-M 50mm f2

Leica M vs Leica R vs Nikon

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6 thoughts on “Leica Summicron 50mm Review, Photos & YouTube”

  1. Hi thanks for your comparisons. Do you really find the Summilux more ‘clinical’? I thought the Cron would take that characteristic? I own the summicron and am wondering about the extra character from the summilux.
    Many thanks and live your posts!

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Hi Sam, I think the reason my v5 Cron is less ‘clinical’ as they say is it flares much easier. Flare makes for soft looking photos. (it doesn’t flare as bad as old Leica lenses but more than the Lux ASPH). The Lux 50 is my most used lens by far. I would have 2 so didn;t need to swap it between film Ms and digital if money was no object! 🙂 ..and I have a lot of 50s/ lenses to use.

      Thanks for the support. I’m trying to update all my old posts. The updated ones should now be a bit better but please excuse any old ones you find that still need my attention to make them more value add.


    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Andrewm I sho some APO images in the Leica M10 YouTube video but I need to try to test it again if I ever get the oppotunity.

  2. Good morning M Osborne,
    I saw with pleasure your pertinent test of the 50/2 Apo-Lanthar with the interesting subjective comparisons. Apparently the ZM planar is the sharpest, but the Lanthar has the best micro-contrast. And what is your point of view, regards to the venerable summicron ?
    I don’t have the Apo-Lanthar, but on the pictures I saw I would say that it blocks a bit the shadows compared to the Leica’s, and has less natular colors. I would say that on the color side, the more neutral is the Elmar-M, then the Summicron V, quite similar, then the Summilux Asph which is on the warm side. In terms of bokeh, I find the Apo-Lanthar more pleasant that the Apo-Summicron, a bit aseptic for my taste.

    1. matthewosbornephotography

      Thanks Damien, I have the ZM and I have sharper lenses. Even the vintage Zeiss 50mm f1.5 @f2 is sharper. The Summicrons vary a lot. My DR is sharp but low contrast, I sold the v5, the Cron R is very good at f2.8. Agree Lux is warmer that others.

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