Leica Elmarit 28mm Review (Why You Should Buy!)

Leica Elmarit 28mm

Leica Elmarit 28mm Review (Why You Should Buy!) + 28mm Portraits + YouTube

Do you need a small super sharp Leica 28mm lens?  Look no further!

Here I share 28mm portraits, 28mm landscapes and a short Leica Elmarit 28mm review to explaining why I highly recommend this lens.

Leica Elmarit 28mm f2.8 ASPH lens review

Leica Elmarit-m 28mm f/2.8 ASPH lens – a fantastic lens, super sharp wide open at f2.8 and very compact for a Leica lens with a 39mm filter thread.

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Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH review

Rather than probably just repeat what others have written before me I thought it is probably easier to show you what the Leica Elmarit-M 28mm lens can do, both on a digital Leica camera and on film, black and white film and some colour film (click any image for details of what film was used).  Thanks to Ruby who features in a lot of these photos.  Many of the photos were shot during one of my 1-2-1 model photography workshops on location in London.

28mm Portraits:

Leica 28mm Elmarit – On the digital Leica M240

Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8
London Model Photography Workshop
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 + Leica M240
Leica B&W
Leica M 240 Portrait
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 Portrait
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 Portrait
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8

Leica Elmarit 28mm f2.8 – On a Leica film cameras (Leica M2, M4-P)

Leica Elmarit-M 28mm Fashion
Kodak Double-X 5222 film
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 ASPH
London Photography Workshop
Kodak Double-X 5222
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 ASPH Film

Kodak Eastman Double-X 5222

Kodak Double-X 5222 @800

The Beauty of Film

Leica Elmarit 28mm Landscapes (on Film)

River Danube with Ice
Leica Film Landscape
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm Landscape
Leica Landscape Photography

Leica 28mm Lenses (M Mount Lenses)

My first Leica 28mm lens was for my M9 camera and was a M mount Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f2 lens.  I bought it to use for weddings early in my Leica photography.  I will write a short review on the Ultron 28f2 when I get chance.  Next I bought the Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 lens, featured here, as I wanted a smaller 28mm lens for travel when size is everything.  Finally only a few weeks ago I invested in a Leica Summicron-M 28mm f2 ASPH lens as I want to try to use it for weddings in 2018.  It is larger and heavier than the Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8 lens, being an f2 lens so I will keep the smaller Elmarit for when there is plenty of light or if I am stopping the lens down for say landscape photography.  I wanted get the Leica Summicron-M 28mm f2 to use for available light wedding photography.  Yes the Voigtlander Ultron 28mm lens is also f2 but I think I got my heart set on the Summicron-M 28mm ASPH (and it will hold it’s value in the long term so I see it as an investment).

28mm Elmarit vs 28mm Summicron vs 28mm Ultron

Here is a quick visual size comparison of the three 28mm lenses

  • Left: Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f2.8
  • Centre: Leica Summicron-M ASPH 28mm f2
  • Right: Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f2

(*Sorry for the coloured lighting and dust on the lenses!)



Leica 28mm Elmarit – Recommended!

I highly recommend the Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH lens if you photograph in places where you don’t need a faster aperture.  No complaints from me and definitely a keeper!

Tempted by the Elmarit 28mm?  Treat yourself!

Check out the latest Elmarit prices on Amazon! (UK) / (US)

YouTube: Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH

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Author: matthewosbornephotography

Coventry, UK studio based Model and Wedding Photographer offering both Medium Format Film and Digital Images. 1-2-1 Photography and Lighting Tuition also available.

6 thoughts on “Leica Elmarit 28mm Review (Why You Should Buy!)”

    1. Hi Robert, I believe it’s the current version (see embedded YouTube review for a close view of it). Thanks Matt

  1. Very good use of the 28mm . I don’t shoot with Leica but Nikon . Film and digital cameras alike . I like the 28mm fov and use it a lot for my live music photography and videography. It’s helps with telling the (back) story of what is happening on the stage .
    I do love looking at your work even though I don’t study or even try to emulate any other photographers work . Your work inspires me , thank you .
    By the way I just ordered me the 28mm Sigma Art f/1.4 in f mount . I own the Nikkor non ai 28mm f/2.0 , Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 ais and the Nikon 28mm f/1.8 G . And two Zooms that have a 28mm fov within their range . I feel I see at the 28mm fov or maybe feel the music or maybe experience the view at than focal lenght.
    Thanks brother for the art you give !
    Troy , live music photography

    1. Hi Troy, sorry I missed this and thanks for your support. Great to hear you have the various 28s. I have the AI Nikkor that I now use on Leica as I can focus closer. Do you see much difference between the AIS and AI versions? Have you ever tried 24/25mm? I thought I liked 28mm but often found it too tight for wedding photos so I used 21mm but then that is a bit too wide so I got 25mm. I also have a 24mm and I find these are a real sweet spot. (If you ever get the chance to try one!) Cheers Matt

  2. Hello, what keep my attention on you pictures is the color rendition and the contrast. A real Leica. On these points, how the summicron renders in comparison ?
    Seeing your wonderful gear I am surprised that you did not invest in a Coolscan 5 scanner instead of the flatbed one, especially for color.
    Seem nice to have a bike trip at Fuerteventura, what a good idea.

    1. Hi Damian, thanks for all your comments and sorry I missed them.. replying now. I have the 28mm Cron, still need to do a review for it. I really like my V800 flatbed so haven’t really looked further.. and I shoot mostly B&W.. yes bike trip was great.. will do more after Covid

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