Leica M3 vs Leica M2

Leica M3 vs Leica M2 Review (YouTube) – Camera Specs Comparison (Pros&Cons)

As part of my YouTube Leica M film camera Mini Series here is a Leica M3 vs Leica M2 review. The video covers the main features of each camera and should help you decide which of these Leica film cameras may suit you best, depending on your own personal preferences.

Which is better? – Leica M3 vs M2

The answer depends on how you shoot, what focal length you prefer and what type of light you shoot with. It maybe that neither of these cameras will suit your needs. If that is the case my Leica M4-P vs Leica M6 video might be of interest (coming soon!). The M4-P and M6 cameras are more modern versions of the Leica M2 and M3 and so cater for some of the ‘limitations’ of the earlier cameras.

Existing Leica Reviews

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Leica M2 vs M3 – Specs Sheet (Cheat Sheet!)

This cheat sheet I put together should hopefully tell you all you need to know when comparing the Leica M2 to the M3.

YouTube: Leica M3 vs Leica M2 Review

YouTube: Leica M2 / Leica M3 Film Loading + Unloading

YouTube: Best Leica Film Camera (Series Intro)

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