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It can be difficult to know where to send your Leica camera or Leica lens for repair. Here are the Leica repair and maintence centres you recommend following my post on YouTube.


Leica repair near me?

I’ve split the Leica repair and maintenance centres into regions and provided customer feedback from the information Leica users shared with me on YouTube.

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Leica iiia + Summitar 5cm f2

Asia Leica repair centres

Leica repair Canada

Customer feedback for Leica repairs in Canada

CANADA: Service Camera Pro

  • “One of the best camera repairmen in Canada is René Genest, owner of Service Camera Pro in Quebec City. Leica, Voigtlander, Hasselblad, he can do it all, both digital and analog cameras. He’s one of the last repairmen who’s been trained at the Hasselblad factory in Sweden to repair film Hasselblads back in the day, that is still working (others have retired)”
Leica R6.2 vs Leica R6s

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Repair and maintenance for Leica in Europe

Customer feedback for Leica repairs in Europe

FRANCE (Paris): Photo suffren

  • Photo suffren in Paris is one of the best, with technicians trained by Leica in Wetzlar

GERMANY (Berlin): Fotoimpex

  • “Though not a camera repair place, Fotoimpex in Berlin have contact details for local repairers, including those for Leica. The camera shop is itself, a fabulous place to visit and support”
Leica Club

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GERMANY (Berlin): Kamera Service Ostkreuz

  • “I’ve had my Leica serviced a few times. Various modifications, cleaning for sure and a lot more. An absolute recommendation for analogue Leica repairs in Germany is Kamera Service Ostkreuz in Berlin

ITALY (Bologna): Riparazioni Foto Cine Snc

  • “The best is Zoom repair. 30 years of experience in professional camera repair. Amedeo is an artist in repairing all kind of cameras, in Italy is in my opinion the most valuable option in this regard. One of his main specialization is the repair of Leica rangefinders”

POLAND: Wiese fototechnik

  • “Best place in EU for Leica M cameras”

NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam Camera Repairs

  • “ACR in Amsterdam is one I would highly recommend”
  • “ACR indeed. All is a great guy! Working on my Leica M6 now”
  • “Great knowledgeable guy (drop off possible in Delft, maybe good to note). One thing to add maybe is he likes to adjust the focussing ring on cla’d lenses pretty tightly. He told me upfront that he liked it that way but I was not sure how it was supposed to be, because it’s the first Leica gear I have had serviced. Anyway would definitely go back there again he does Rolleis etc as well!”

SWEDEN: Analogakameror

  • “For Leica, Rolleiflex, Hasselblad, Large format shutters etc”
  • I had a good experience with them. They changed the beam splitter in the rangefinder of my Leica iiiF + service (speeds not working properly). Very happy with the results back in July 2019. The camera is still working perfectly today”
Lumix 20mm f1.7 Test

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Leica repair USA

Customer feedback for Leica repairs in USA

USA (Wisconsin): Don Goldberg (DAG)
  • “Has parts you can’t find online and also provides CLA”
  • “For US I recommend shipping it to DAG, he converted my M3 to single stroke and it feels how I’d imagine a brand new M3 feels”
USA (NYC): Sherry Krauter
  • “Willing to repair M5’s”
  • “She did many film leica M overhauls for me (complete CLAs with internal ligh seal replacements as necessary) I was very happy with the results. She is also I believe the only person who still works on M5 model. (DAG doesn’t work on M5s anymore)”
USA (Massachusetts): Youxin Ye
  • “Awesomely priced and very fast turn around”
  • “Great work and fast (for Leica, anyway) turnaround”

USA (LA): Camera Service Center

  • “Been in business at least since 70s. Rudy Ling who started is dead, but is still the best place to take a Leica in USA”
TTArtisan 50mm 0.95 Review

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UK Leica repair services

Customer feedback for Leica repairs in the UK

UK (Liverpool): Newton Ellis
  • “Newton Ellis in Liverpool repaired my 1932 Leica I camera and did an amazing job – something Aperture in London could not (they had advised my Leica was beyond repair). It was bought new in 1932 by my German Grandfather and was buried in a field in April 1945 by my grandmother for 6 months to prevent the Americans getting hold of it..!”

UK: (London) Aperture

  • “I’d very happily recommend Aperture Photographic in London, they had my M3 back to me in Ireland in 7 days after a full CLA. Reasonably priced too!”
  • Aperture repaired several of my film cameras in the past. Friendly service” – Matt Osborne
UK (London): Leica Mayfair Store
  • “Leica Mayfair accept cameras then send them to Leica Germany for repair. You will pay the highest price and it can be a long lead time but the quality of the service is great. Leica Germany repaired/ serviced my Leica M8, Leica CL and recalibrated my Leica M240 multiple times. They also adjusted my Leica Noctilux 50mm f1 lens” – Matt Osborne

UK: Camserve
  • “I can recommend Camserve in UK, fixed price servicing for lenses & cameras, they de hazed my Summaron 35, now performs like new!”
  • “Camserve cleaned my Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5, great service and price” – Matt Osborne
  • “Camserve calibrated the rangefinder in one of my Voigtlander Bessa cameras, great service and price” – Matt Osborne
  • Another +1 for Camserve (UK) who did me a CLA on a 50 ‘cron and took a look at an M3 I’d recently purchased to say it was fine and didn’t need anything doing with it. Would have been easy to charge me for something that didn’t need doing as I’d be none the wiser
  • “I can certainly recommend Camserve for lens CLA – Summicron-M 50mm v4”

UK: Cameraworks UK
  • “Alan only repairs/services Leica film cameras and only Leica lenses but for both of these he really is the go to person. He has looked after my M2 and does go much further than just a simple CLA, the camera is tripped down and worn parts replaced. Additionally he is one of the very few workshops capable of re-coating lenses. There is a long 4 months or so wait though for all his work”
  • “Alan Starkie at Cameraworks is absolutely amazing and very fare prices. They can do everything from service and repair to customising work. I sent my 2nd hand APO Summicron ASPH 90 for repair. It is now as new. I would highly recommend”
  • “I’ve used Camera Works in Bury, Lancs. Excellent service though the demand for them means it can take a few weeks for items to be returned. Highly recommend”
UK: Skyllaney
  • “Zeiss lens repairs, they specialise in these and really sorted out my f2 Planar ZM T*. It’s focus is bang on now and not a rattle to be heard”

Leica Summicron-R 50mm f2 Portrait

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